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Where to find small parts for old Southbend

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  • Where to find small parts for old Southbend

    I've finally completed the restoration of my SouthBend 9B, well almost. I still need to find a supplier for the brass oilers that are found on the headstock and tailstock. I've looked in the Grainger, Enco, and Travers catalogs with no luck. Does anybody know where I can find some new ones?

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    Mc Master carr supply
    they have a selection of oil cups.
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      That's if interested....

      MSC also has 'em.
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        I got the oiler for my 10K tailstock from MSC


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          Use the term "cup oilers" to search at McMaster.


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            go to and find your lathe -

            there should be referrences to parts dealers - I found half nuts for a 30 year old Atlas - only $17!


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              these have them on special offer at the moment regards Alistair
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                There is the obvious - get on the Yahoo Southbend intrest group site. Rose is on the site now & she is the person to ask about parts. If she doesn't know she is likely to point you to someone who does.

                Some people actually expect Lablond to have parts for thier 1920s lathe... and sometimes they do!... Sometimes you pay a premeium, but that's life.

                For something beyond oilers.... it might be worth some time searching the group archives, as well.