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Help with mill-drill X axis power feed

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  • Help with mill-drill X axis power feed

    I thought I had posted this earlier but its not here, so here it is again.

    I am trying to help a friend get a power feed for the X axis of his HF mill-drill, SKU 33686. I think this is the one similar to the RF30, it is a 8” X 28” table with a 2hp motor.

    We are looking for a bought type, not to build one from scratch. I can find several at a good price for the “Bridgeport” style, but only one for the RF30 from Lathemasters ( from a post here on this board.) The lathemasters one is not listed on the web site any more.

    I did find a report from Bob Warfield where he installed a Bridgeport type on what appears to be a RF30 type mill, anyone else done this?

    Someone else commented that doing this restricted the table travel due to the body of the drive unit projecting below the table and striking the base of the mill, he showed how he mounted his projecting horizontally. Comments?

    I measured the shaft diameter on my friends mill, it is 0.687” or so, not 5/8” as required by most of the Bridgeport units. I think Bob Warfield took care on that when he made his adapter shaft.

    I have a mill and can help install this on my friends mill, but am researching this a bit before we start. Any help or suggestions welcome!


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    Center of the page, left column, is the one normally used on the RF style mills.


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      That is the right one that CCWken pointed you to.
      It does work well.
      It does come up on sale once in a while too.



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        Thanks for pointing me to the Enco one, I had not found it. Its kind of pricey, tho.


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          Here's the thread on my out of vertical feed. See the last photo. Once I decided what to do it was easy. Note the needle bearings are not engaged, the original bearings are under the alum plate.

          Location: Jersey City NJ USA


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            Cheap enough here..



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              That looks like the one! Thanks