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    Originally posted by Evan
    Not around my place.

    Still works.

    I wondered where my Hallicrafters had got to... Still have the type 80 power tube?


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      Nice picture of the Hallicrafters. I have a couple of Hallicrafters, a couple of R-390's, some Drake rigs, and other stuff I forgot what I have.


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        I still use my Grundig-Majestic radio with
        Am/Fm/LongWave/3 shortwave bands.
        A few years ago I had to find a tube tester was that a job.
        Then I went online and bought a dozen tubes to replace some of the 22 in the radio.
        Guess where they all came from ?....Russia..
        but they worked.. must still have a lot of tubes there
        Green Bay, WI


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          Tubes are still made in Russia, and china. They used to be made elsewhere as well, Jugoslavia, for instance, but I think the Serb/Croat thing killed production there.

          I believe the article linked states that tin whiskering is not as active by far with lead-containing solder alloys. It may not happen at all.

          So old tin-lead solder probably will never grow whiskers.

          For sure, it is FAR less likely to crack as the brittle lead-free types do.

          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan


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            I have tubes, some new in the box as in more than I care to count.


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              Quite a few years ago I replaced the 80 with silicon diodes and also replaced most of the paper capacitors. That radio was my Dad's and I used it as a child to listen to everything I could find. It is still more sensitive than my Yaesu FRG 7700 although the image rejection sucks.

              I still have the 80 and a number of other spare tubes.
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