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My morning, almost got the bleeding stopped

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  • My morning, almost got the bleeding stopped

    Yeah, we are adding onto the house. I am a walking zombie (exhausted)I got the roof on with tar paper So.. I thought I would take today off to relax in my shop.

    hmm looking around the uncompleted projects (about 20 or more) I think I want to work on the quad4 powered motorcycle. I have just enough tubing So I start bending up the DOM special ordered tubing to a drawing I did on a 2x4. First tube, perfect two bends, second tube is short in between the two bends.

    Looking to see what went wrong I figured out I did not tighten the bolt on the bender and it slipped. I thought well.. I am putting a gusset in there anyways. So.. I cut the tubing, went looking for a 1/2 rod to go into tubing to hold alignment with the spacer. I found a 6 inch piece, yep too thick, time for a truing cut. I run the lathe down the barstock, yep just perfect. Hmm bevel the plug to put into the middle too. yep.. perfect.

    Then the welding, move the cutting torches out to preheat. get them by the door, turn around and whoom, on thier fronts, by the broken glass this can't be good, At least no 2,000 lb oxygen torpedo I think, pick them up and sure enough the regulator is jammed, guages broken. Ok, out comes the propane torch, preheat for about twenty minutes till the heat stick melts. Get out a dry 7018 and away we go,

    Enter the nosey pesky neighbor. He is wanting a custom frame made for his honda what-ever it is. He keeps negoitiating for what seems hours, so I start welding. Beautiful welds going on, then crap, stick, pry, crap, stick break rod, throw it, new rod stick, crap. I look around and neighbor is smirking. I think what the hell? and sure enough he had turned my perfect heat down. I run him off, sure enough I then inserted the other bends, exactly backwards , out comes the portaband, cut the lil plug offn' it. I look and the bevel is just barely welded so I put it into the lathe for a minor trim, not a good idea.

    The hss cutter I had made several 5 gallon buckets of perfect shavings broke clean off and went by my head at 80mph because of welding splatter.
    Out comes the grinder again, plug is short so I have to hold it with pliers, yep.. sure enough.. I have to hunt the nearby bushes for what seems Like a hour to find the plug. And when I pick it up it is still so hot immediate blisters are the result.
    I tap the plug w/rod in with a small hammer.
    it almost goes home, I steady the tube with one hand and whack, sure enough just pinched my hand and blood dripping rapidly, yep should have had them gloves on, yep. Two butterfly band aids later and a throbbing hand. Some relaxation huh? I sweep the shop and lock it up thinking, gee, next time I see the neighbor that price will be double.

    What is the moral? no clue, except alcohol and exhaustion don't have a place in my shop
    (and maybe lock the gate?).

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    Ohh yeah, superglue works wonders on cuts. seals it right on up.


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      sounds like you are snake bit and bound to die!!!!!



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        Die, we all are going to.. I want to take about another 60 years doing that tho. Could be worse today, much worse. The ox bottle could have went though the shop like a torpedo..
        I feel better now, I need some warm milk and cookies and a nap tho.


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          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:
          I look around and neighbor is smirking. I think what the hell? and sure enough he had turned my perfect heat down. I run him off, .

          (and maybe lock the gate?).
          Your'e a nicer person than I am. I'll leave it at that. Hope the wounds heal rapidly.


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            re:Superglue on cuts.I got knocked off my cycle in 1982.My left knee took most of it on the front fender of a Continental and broke the cap into about seven pieces.After surgery,the doc tells me I've got two pins through it and a piece of wire around it.I wondered how they held it together long enough to wrap and drill it.Thinking out loud one day a friend told me the doctors in Vietnam used Superglue for quick bone setting and cut closing.I assume that's how they held my patella together while fixin' me up!The "pins" were small spade bits they drilled in.When the wire broke (hurt like heck too) they told me it wasn't meant to be left in forever anyway.I asked how he was going to take the pins out,Vise Grips?You mean like these(holding up a pair of Vise Grip knock offs)?I just groaned and thought to myself "that's what I get for asking".All this because I was eyeballing the girl driving the car in the next lane instead of riding aware!Robert.


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              Ga.. A pair of shortie hotpants in 1976 caused me to run my new FXE liberty edition into the rear of a pinto. I was flying thro the air wondering where my motorcycle went.
              I was laying with the air knocked out of me while she kept on walking by. She wasn't as cute as I remembered.

              "Lucas lord of darkness?" (old biker to another) One triumph rider buddy used to keep a flashlight to tape to his handlebars. I would hand him two wires with aligator clips to charge his battery from my bike while we rode. He used to carry spare bolts to put my bike back together.


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                Hey ibewgypsie, I owned a liberty edition FXE too! I bought mine used though. I've got a '68 shovelhead that I've owned since 1977. Doubled my money on the '76 though, so that took some of the sting out of selling it. As for Lucas electrics, why do the English drink warm beer? Lucas refrigeration!


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                  Man,don't feel bad I too have days where in everything I touch turns to s---!I have found that the best thing to do is quit and try again tommorow.Like the time I cut a driveshaft down for a customer and for some reason grabbed up a yoke from a different car boy did that suck!Twice the fun at half the price As for the jacka-- that turned down your welder, guy did that to me once and during lunch I took a pair of visegrips to all of his valve stems,I figured if I had a welder and couldn't weld,then why should he have a car and be able to drive
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Look! Let's get this straight.... We drink warmer beer than you because it's REAL beer. It is a living drink, with active yeast and micro bacteria at work, even to the point of you drinking it.

                    Fact 1. Yeast dies at temperatures above 57*F, and goes to sleep at temperatures lower than 53*F

                    Fact 2. Real Beer is not pastuerised, nor homogenised, and finally is never made with chlorinated town water. It comes from artesian wells which draw on naturally filtered water sources.

                    Fact 3. Lucas never made refrigerators!


                    Sorry to hear about the accident, that '5 gallon bucketter' of a cutter must've been a favourite of yours, I bet it's demise hurts as much as the hand.
                    BTW a good cure for profuse bleeding is a used tea bag. The tanin content of the tea helps the blood to coagulate, other chemicals within the tea act as natural antiseptics.



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                      Anyone can have a bad day but malicious monkying with a man's work deserved instant retribution. I walking it the table of a 72" vertical boring mill as I watched a dial indicator deep in the work piece. My apprentice was at the jog button.

                      A "buddy" oiled the table so I'd step in it. Only a wild grab at the turret lever save me from a bad fall. My "buddy" was dumb enough to stand there with the oil can in hand grinning at me. I flung a 7/8" U-clamp at him (about 12 lb) and it ricocheted off the floor and got him in the shin. It gave him a bone bruise that kept him hobbling for three weeks. He was lucky. I was aiming for his grin.

                      Ray Diehl. Every large shop has one.

                      This was in the early '70's when summary justice, justly provoked was benignly neglected by the management. To-day I'd been arrested for assualt, put into counseling and anger management, and a line item entered in my presonnel record.

                      Deihl would have been compensated enough to buy a new pick-up.


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                        I need some warm milk and cookies and a nap tho.
                        Come to Al's bakehouse/shop and I will fix you up Regards Alistair Ibew get the little lady to kiss it better
                        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Ragarsed Raglan:
                          REAL beer... is a living drink,

                          Fact 3. Lucas never made refrigerators!
                          RR- I've got enough living things to contend with around here without having to deal with a fridge full of science experiments. Everyone knows real beer comes from a frosty aluminum can. I do agree with your opinion of Lucas refrigerators though, they were never worthy of being called refrigerators! (posted with tongue firmly in cheek)


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                            I Hate beer. ALE? now yer talkin....tastes good, drinks good, looks like motor oil or coffee, pints are just right.

                            I live in THE town that produces the real American Pi$$ water beer, but they get no biz from me. Ther are about 3 or 4 microbreweries around town.

                            Oh, hard cider isn't too bad either.

                            BTW, if yeast dies at 57F, then I dunno what is working when I make 'shine. Something is bubbling in there, and it ain't the vinegar bugs......cuz it comes out at about 120 proof or better.


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                              I'm 100% with you on Ale, the difference between ale and beer is, I believe, that ale used to be made with honey (I certainly know that Mead was made this way), malted barley, and hops; the yeast element coming also from the malting process. Whereas, I believe beer (and here I refer to the Bitter beers) is made with a yeast culture which ferments on the natural sugars produced by the malted barley, with the hops adding to the process. I also believe the process needs to keep the yeast within this temperature range for optimum effectiveness. Some of our beers have the yeast strains traceable back for hundreds of years.

                              The point is 'chilled' beer has absolutely no 'after palette', beer at the right temperature has a 'carry through' which is most pleasing and suprising in its varieties, from brewer to brewer. The beer is not artificially carbonated (the CO2 is there due to the natural fermentation process), hence no carbonic acid is present in high proportions, as is the case with 'fizzy' beer.

                              If you've never drunk 'real ale', you will never know what it is like to get absolutely plastered, and yet wake up the next morning with no hangover due to excess carbonic acid.

                              I never forget going to a 'microbrewery' in Denver, with all that lovely, pure Rockies mountain water nearby, and then discovering on my first taste of the house beer the unmistakable 'tinge' of chlorine. In fact if I never visit the US again in my lifetime, the one memory I will carry to the grave will be the 'tinge' of chlorine in everything from beer, coffee, coca cola, name it and it's there.... Mind you there are some pretty nice memories to go with it as well!!