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  • Ordering Online from US Tool

    Has anyone SUCCESSFULLY ordered anything online from U.S. Industrial Tool & Supply? Are they going belly up or are they always so nonchalant about their orders?
    I placed an order about two months ago for a tool. About three weeks later, I sent an email inquiring about the order. They sent an email saying it was on back order until 4/15. Last week, I sent another email asking if the item had been shipped. Here it is 4/30 and I haven't even received a responce yet. I guess they don't need the money.

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    If I had to wait that long before being contacted by them, I'd take my business elsewhere.


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      Yeah. There are plenty of comapnies who want to deal with you. McMaster-Carr, MSC, Travers, etc. may charge a little more, but that pays for good service and you will get it.
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        Well, good news. I got a phone call early this morning and they said it was on the way. We'll see. They said it sould be here Friday.
        Ya, I know about the usual places. BUT.. The other places don't carry this tool. (Sheet Metal) The one's that do, wanted double the price. That could be why it was on back order for so long. (Good product + Good Price = High Demand)
        Wonder why the auto makers haven't figured that out?


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          I have done a little business with US shop tools...I have been very pleased with their service...I think they are a little company, but they try..