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To Lube or not to Lube, That is the Question!

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    I have this stuff:

    It's basically grease that's loaded with moly and and overdose of tackifiers. It sounds a lot like the brake disk grease that Nheng uses.

    I got one of the 16 oz grease tubes -- I can send you a cup of it if you want to try it. It'll last forever in a home shop...

    They also carry the Kitagawa brand chuck grease -- sounds like the same stuff:
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      In production and job shops I find chucks get sticky if you are boring large parts in cast iron or bronze or any stuff that messy the scroll gets crap in it.

      I have never put any grease or oil on a chuck unless it was behind the scroll plate and then all we did is pack it full of the food grade white grease so there is no space for chips to live.

      On a good chuck I use some graphite stuff like used in locks and skate boards as a lubricant on the pinions, thats all. they are bound to get some oil and coolent in them if you use them but thats not a problem if you tear them down and clean them up 2 times a year.

      grease in the chuck is not the problem, its all the slivers of metal that can work thier way inside stuck to the grease that can gaul up a chuck and force you to take it apart.

      take extra care of a chuck, pack the insides of the jaw slots with paper towels if turning or boring large peices of cast iron,brass,bronze or any other dusty, slivery type chip. afterwards you pull out the paper and 99% of the grunge and save yourself a chuck tear down.


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        Originally posted by bob308
        my 3 jaw has a grease fitting. so i guess it is suppose to have a shot of grease now and then and that is what it gets.
        Bob in recent posts we discussed the grease type fittings. If memory serves me right they are actually oil fittings. There is a special hose for them. A few here posted plans for making one. I agree with the others about not using grease as it will catch everything and not let go. Will wear things you do not want worn.
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          On my three jaw scroll chucks I always put grease on the pinion and ring gear to help them turn well. Then I put a good coat of grease or heavy oil on the scroll and jaws so that they will hold the dirt and chips and help to lock up the chuck.

          That way I get to tear it down again real soon and clean it up and start the process over again.
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