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Need some info on little grinding stones

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  • Need some info on little grinding stones

    Really technical description , huh. That's all I know to call them though.

    I'm getting ready to cobble up a quick tool post grinder using a pneumatic die grinder. I just need it to put a fine finish on some fairly hard steel.

    Which of the (admittedly cheap) stones pictured would be best to grind off .010 - .020" from the O.D. of a 1/2" steel shaft. Not sure of the exact metal type but it's from an auto suspension bolt and cuts pretty well with a carbide insert. Just need an accurate size and a fine finish.

    In case the pic doesn't show up well, the stones are white, (alum. oxide?) grey and pink. I will readily admit my cluelessness in the matter but I'm sure you guys can sort me out.

    Oops: post the picture stoopid!
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    First, for safety, make absolutely sure that they are rated for the speed of the die grinder. Most of them appear to be Aluminum Oxide but for the amount of work you have outlined marerial won't really matter. I assume you are going to dress the proper shape on them. These by the way are properly called "mounted points". If possible a larger diameter will be better. Again make sure it is rated for the die grinder speed. You don't want a grenade in your face.