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Monarch lathe in the Mechanical Engineering Dept.

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  • Monarch lathe in the Mechanical Engineering Dept.

    I was on the Stanford University campus last week. I went into the machine shop, which was deserted during this summer quarter. A professor showed up, and said I was free to poke around.

    This Monarch lathe struck me as being especially robust. The prof said that about half the students in the course were non-engineers, these days. If it has a soul, I expect the Monarch breathes a sigh of relief whenever it survives a session by a poli-sci major.

    Allan Ostling

    Phoenix, Arizona

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    Monarch lathe in the Mechanical Engineering Dept.

    Nice looking 10"EE. Most college science and engineering departments have access to GSA surplus. They can get government tools and equipment for the acquisition cost, shipping from their warehouse to your department. My department had a couple of big Monarch's, an American Pacemaker, and various other machines with the green and silver US Government Property tags. Most cost us from $100-$250 from the GSA warehouse in Starke, Fla.

    Now that is a wonderous place. You can spend a day looking at everything from allen wrenches to machine tools, trucks, boats, helocopter blades, anything you can think of. All fasteners were $0.05/pound. THat place was truely a trip through the candy store. I was there one time when they had two series 61 Monarch, 16"x72" lathes bundled together. One was in showroom condition with no tooling and the other one was used but had all the chucks, faceplates, tool holders, etc. The price was $500 for both machines. My boss called back to the department and tried to get the chairman to up our purchase order from $200 to $500 so we could get them. As usual, the cheapskates could not spare the extra $300 to get them.

    Any 501C3 nonprofit organization can buy from GSA. We need to start the "First Church of the Chips and Sparks."
    Jim (KB4IVH)

    Only fools abuse their tools.


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      Yea (robust),

      And with a 7.5 hp motor it has to be so.

      The Monarch has a double numbered feed dial, the only lathe I know of to have.

      Most dials the cross feed counts up, as the diameter goes down.

      The Monarch lathe dial will count up, or down, depending on which set of numbers

      you look at.

      Here is an attachment for double, triple, or whatever multipal lead threads you want.

      It mounts between the chuck and spindle and relies on gear type teeth

      for the index.

      The latch (indexing) mechanism is like an internal gear, in the front of the photo.

      These are first class machines.

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        Yes first class machines and a First class price to go with them.I could only WISH.
        Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self