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  • OT: Sticky Garage Door

    Hey guys. I built a new detached garage this past winter. It has two 9x7 garage doors on the front and I'm using Genie openers. Anyway, I sealed the concrete when it was poured. When I open the doors, especially if one may have been closed for a while and it is warm outside, the door is sticking to the floor. Sometimes it is stuck hard enough that the opener stalls and quits lifing. The door will usually be broke loose if the opener stalls but I have to hit the button two times to get it to open. Once to close it back down, then another time to open it back up. After that the door opens fine.

    I'm afraid this may damage my openers and would like to figure out a way to keep it from happening. I'm sure if I lubed the rubber on the bottom with oil that it wouldn't stick but I don't want to track oil into the garage as I back my cars in. I figured as the door got older and the rubber got more dirty that it wouldn't stick as bad but it doesn't seem to be easing up. Anyone ever experienced this and how did you fix it?
    Jonathan P.

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    What sealer? and talcum powder works really well to stop the stick without the mess.



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      Sounds to me that you used a polyurethane sealer,I had/have the same problem in my new shop, lacquer thinner and a razor blade scraper is what I used to remove the excess off the floor.


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        I believe that it was some kind of poly sealer. I like it on the floor because grease and oil doesn't soak in and stain the concrete but it sure does act like super glue to the rubber on the bottom of the doors. I'll try the scraping and thinner trick and see if that helps. Thanks.
        Jonathan P.


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          I'd probably try spraying some silicone spray on the rubber gasket/seal. ...maybe just spray a small section first to test the results.

          That's worked for me with car door seals and winter freezing.
          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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            I'd probably try spraying some silicone spray on the rubber gasket/seal
            This is what I'd suggest also.
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              Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll get some silicone spray and try that. I went out and looked at the rubber on the bottom of the door. It is ribbed and it has been sticking so bad that part of the ribs are ripped off. Hopefully the silicone will do the trick. Thanks again.
              Jonathan P.