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Machines, rust and darkroom chemicals ?

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  • Machines, rust and darkroom chemicals ?

    Do any of you guys keep a darkroom on the same floor as your machine tools? I'm concerned about rust from any of the acid or base mixtures. Humidity and rust are well under control but wonder if the location of the darkroom wet side needs to be re-thunk.

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    I know you don't make Mercury sulfate in a home shop.
    DAMHIK,(Don't Ask Me How I Know).


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      I'm no chemist, but unless you're storing the darkroom stuff in the lathe cabinet or something like that, there is nothing to worry about. If it isn't rusting YOUR pipes, it probably won't affect your machinery.


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        I have the residue of a darkroom in the back of the basement
        but it has been inactive since decent digital cameras came
        into use. Only significant acid is diluted acetic for fixation
        purposes and it is a low risk IME. None of my wood cutting
        tools ever rusted up. All the leftover chemicals I have have
        been in bottles for years. Since most of the darkroom
        chemicals have a limited shelf life (in active use) typical
        practice is to replace them in jugs with O2 displacement for
        the developers for best preservation, others to store so
        dust and bugs don't start to float around in the trays.
        If you stick to that regimen you should have no trouble.


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          i had my etchants for making PCBs on the same desk as my scroll saw for a while... the scroll saw was rusting slightly, and i realized that its probably from the chemicals.. when my saw is on, it shakes the desk and stirs up the chemicals. im also guilty of forgetting to put lids on my chemicals after im done etching...