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Anyone ever design a peanut sucker? shipping peanuts?

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  • Anyone ever design a peanut sucker? shipping peanuts?

    I got in a shipment today, fenders and tanks to paint.

    They came in a 3 foot square box full of packing peanuts. It took me twenty minutes to find the parts in there. ANYONE ever made a vacuum peanut sucker-saver? perhaps with a chute to load out-going boxes or store in bags?

    I kinda see one coming? a plastic barrel on stilts? a vacuum cleaner.. any bright ideas? Less than $100 cause I am part Scott.

    It was 102 when I was unloading the box. This is a construction idea? anyone want to make them to sell?
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    I would build a cyclonic separator, similar to the ones used for sawdust collection, over a large storage drum. I have told one supplier that I would not accept shippments with peanuts and they are now using the small plastic bags of air.



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      Peanuts Suck!

      You might call Enco they and see if they would sell you their peanut shooter/sucker,they quit using peanuts three months ago based on customer feed back and complaints from people like me.
      I don't like it when I order four drill bits and a ten pack of inserts and they ship it in a box large enough for a small refrigerator and by the time I find my items half the peanuts are blown all over the shop.


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        Haha...the "Vacu-suck 3000"

        $59.95 Weedeater electric lawn vac/blower at Walmart.Make yourself up a bypass syphon and use the lawn vac in it's blower config to suck'm up and blow them into a bag without goinf through the impellar(or maybe a flapper valve if you do want to shread).Ideal bag would be a roll of that plastic mesh tube they use to make onion and peanut sacks from.Need more bag,just un-roll some more.

        How's that for convenient?If it works and you get rich off it,send me a post card from somewhere nice
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Pretty much any shop vac placed on a large barrel will function for that, use a large hose with a smallish hole at the tip to preven clogs and keep vacuum up a bit.
          could concievably place a trap door on the bottom that could be held shut while in opration and opened to drop the peanuts into a bag for reuse or disposal as needed.

          Have a couple of old shop vacs that use the steel barrels, the lid/motor on one fits fine right on top of my 30 gallon trash can, I use the trash can when I have a lot of 'light' junk to pick up, put a liner in it and place the cover/motor on it, when done just pull the bag and I'm ready for the next run.
          as long as there are no holes in the can, the liner will stay in position, if there is a hole or for some reason it won't stay in place make a sleeve out of cardboard in the bag, when 'full' the sleeve can be slid out of the liner when the lid is removed.



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            No, but I am a good peanut and beer eater . Get me started on peanuts and beer and I may never leave your house .
            It's only ink and paper


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              Dave IIRC harbor freight has a dust collector for just over $100. Set it up on a plastic drum then have it elevated and install a hose and gate valve on the bottom for dispensing.
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                I was 102 when I was unloading the box
                David David bonny lad you'l need to take it easy at your time of life part Scot or noh Alistair
                Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                  Originally posted by J. R. Williams
                  I would build a cyclonic separator, similar to the ones used for sawdust collection, over a large storage drum. I have told one supplier that I would not accept shippments with peanuts and they are now using the small plastic bags of air.


                  Now thats the ticket, except tell your supplier that you love peanuts, Vent cyclonic seperator up into your attic, lower your heating bills, when the attic gets full run a pipe to the neihbors house and charge them money, everybodys happy except the gas company

                  (just trying to cheer everybody up --- I hate those damn things)


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                    I can say I really don't like them peanuts either. Open a damaged box outside and you can pick them up for months.

                    OK.. I kinda like the shoot them into the attic idea, but what about when I gotta go up there and route some new cable?

                    Too bad you can't pump them full of something to make a solid block of foam.
                    That'd open a new world of casting? Perhaps great stuff between the peanuts? would it harden?

                    I am leaning toward a vacuum sucking into a plastic barrel with trapdoor on bottom. I got a 2hp vac.. (they lie) that is small. I got a 7hp genie vac that will pick up 5/8" nuts and make them thump so hard when they hit the tank you think it's broke. The lights dim when you turn it on.

                    Plans are to build the wife a carport, this will end up there, the vac can see car clean up duty too. A light attic in the carport to store bags of these.

                    OKAY? I think I can pencil something.. but.. garbage bags are sunlight degradeable meaning they fall apart with time?? any ideas? cheap ones? home made ones?
                    Excuse me, I farted.


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                      Go to Rockler or one of the other Woodworking sites and get the $18.00 Cyclonic seperator that snaps on the top of a 20 gallon trash can. Hook up your vac and find another hose. $18.00 and you are in business. I put one of these in front of my dust collector system and have about a 1/4 of the maintenance on my dust system now.



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                        I hate to be skeptic. ( but no I don't ) Has anyone realy tried the
                        cyclone bit? I doubt it would realy seperate the peanuts . They are so
                        low density I'd almost bet ( I only bet on sure things) they would
                        follow the air right on out. Anyone???


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                          Well. . .

                          Acetone will dissolve the plastics ones into polystyrene goo. I don't know what to do about the ones made from starch. Also, if you have a large supply of compressed air, a transvector from would do nicely if you had to move a lot of them.



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                            I built a simple corn cleaner, I think it could be used for that peanut problem you have.


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                              I got a dealers license for Midwest and V-twin. If ya need something.
                              I'm sitting around on my duff anyways. I didn't like the HD black and orange prices.
                              I got some fenders and tanks in to paint flames on.. then ebay.. pRactise makes a electrician a painter.

                              Midwest sure does like them peanuts. I got three bags out of that one box.
                              Excuse me, I farted.