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  • CNC CD Password

    I recently purchased a CD of Quickstep which I thought I could use in the shop where I can't get on the net for now.I will need a password after 11 uses.Can't contact the seller as yet to tell me if this is a portable password that he can give me on a machine that is connected to the net and take it to the machine in the shop after I give him the serial # on using the software a few times or must the password be given to the computer that in on the machine tool?

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    Find out who makes it and call them on the phone. waiting for some nerd to e-mail you sucks.

    Some of us geeks should be working on 100% open sorce software and run the folls who want cd keys and crap out of bussiness.



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      tatoo: Glad you like working for free, let us know when you get it started. Me, I like getting paid for my work AND I even hope to get a return on the many thousands of hours put into gaining my experience, not to mention the cost/time for the degree. But I guess I'm just funny that way...

      Doc: I know nothing about the software you have, but most of this type of lock provides a mechanism for addressing your needs. Otherwise, they must clearly state "requires internet access" or the like on the package. But unfortunately, you must talk to someone to get that done, or in some cases, there may be an automated line like MS uses for OS activation. So tatoo is right, start there for sure. Over the week end, you may have no choice but to make do and hope someone is responding to emails on the week end, but don't hold your breath. I'm guessing you can get this resolved quickly on Monday. Here's hoping so anyway...
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        Finally got an answer.He says password can be obtained on one puter and used on the other.We'll see-thanks all.