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OT: My truck's temperature gauge doesn't work.

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    I dropped off the truck last night at the dealership and they just called.

    The gauge needs to be replaced. The good news is that it's covered under the extended warranty I bought when I purchased the truck so I'm not out a dime.

    Life is good!

    Oh yeah, so much for radish scrotum's theories about me being a cheap skate and about us not being able to diagnose the problem -

    "Come on now, get real, how in the heck can anybody diagnose this problem without being on the spot!"

    "If you want this advice, go to an Auto Electrician and spend some money you bloody cheap skate and stop filling this site with absolute BULL$#!T!!"

    "You still don't get do you, senior member all right, senile redneck, more like it."

    He's such a smeg head and a moron! Now who looks like a "senile redneck"?
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        I rarely post, so as not to expose my abject dumbassness, but I must say that the post from radish was so out of line that even my normal "roll with the flow" mechanism pegged out.

        I'm glad we have a place where we can throw out questions, and completely resent people of that persuasion.

        radish, you owe an apology to all the members of this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!
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        John B