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1893-1903 Pratt & Whitney Lathe Runs!

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  • 1893-1903 Pratt & Whitney Lathe Runs!

    To make a long story short, I installed and temporarily wired the motor to a power cord and used the circuit breaker as the switch. The lathe would run for about 20 seconds, then blow the 20 amp breaker. On a hunch, I figured that I may have one of the coils wired backwards on my repulsion motor...resulting in too much amperage being drawn. So, I reversed the leads for one of the two coil pairs and it worked! The motor also ran much faster...imagine that!

    I ran the lathe both with the back gear and without on all speeds without any problem. I only let it run for a couple of minutes on each speed and kept a close watch on the bearing temperatures. I may have to loosen the left-hand spindle bearing slightly. Before I do that I will add a piece of gauze to the oiler to replace the missing wick oiler.

    I guess the next step is to wire a switch into the circuit and mount it on the lathe.

    I'll also need to do something about my motor/counter-shaft mount as the counter-shaft makes quite a racket. But, that is rather minor.

    Soon I'll be ordering the cast iron, for the chuck backing plate, in order to mount the 4-jaw chuck I purchased onto the lathe.


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    Damn --- almost sounds like a museum peice, good job bringing her around...


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      Corngratulations as they say here in farm country! Would sure like to see some pictures of it when you can do it.
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