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OT slightly, searches for technical papers, etc.

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  • OT slightly, searches for technical papers, etc.

    Have you guys noticed that in the last few years technical literature that used to be free to download now costs?

    When I first hooked up to high speed cable I went wild downloading technical papers on a favorite subject. I was in heaven. Can't even remember how many ink cartridges I burned through. A stack of single sided printouts about 4" thick represents the state of the art in research on the topic at the time.

    I go back to see what's going on now, and everything is restricted access or 20 bucks minimum to download. Luckily, my wife is at the university so I can use her system to access sites the university subscribes to, but far from all are available.

    Then we have Google, which seems to be after the bucks also. Far more ads than usable content a good portion of the time.

    Anyway, I guess there is no free lunch....disappointing, though, to see the internet being less of a research resource as time goes on.

    Anybody else notice?

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    Yes DR,

    And I am afraid it will reduce American research to irrelevancy as it seems like their are adequate Indian, Chinese, and Eastern European sources who don't publish in the journals with the crazy subscription fees. It also irks me that much of that American for-fee research was conducted at public expense. I've often considered a Freedom of Information Act filing against the funding agency for each article I'd want to set the legal precedent but I haven't bothered.



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      Yes I have noticed and it sucks. What I am not certain of is who is making the money? Do the authors ever see any of it?
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        "article source" companies now charge $35.00 or more to get a few pages of a document that was originally published for free or in a magazine that only cost a few dollars. Be glad that the Internet archive is still there.
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          A lot of what used to free is going away. Depending on your interest, it is gone, except on a subscription of some kind.

          At the same time I have recently been able to get a wiring diagram for a microphone, a guitar amp, and a guitar.

          Also got the trouble codes, and how to access them, for my car.

          But for the very technical, and what I suspect to become of what I was able to find, it's going away.