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    Originally posted by Evan
    Besides, those aren't the rules here in Canada.
    Thank you for bolstering your "opponent's" point!

    YOUR rules are not the rules here........... so if you don't care about US laws, we need not care about those in foreign countries.

    The attempt to pass a law in some small country and make it apply worldwide is not yet valid.

    Originally posted by Evan
    And, it's still irrelevant to this discussion. Plus, it is another invalid arguing technique, in this case a form of ad hominem attack.
    Pointing out an inconsistency and "very flexible attitude" to the very type of issue being discussed is relevant at this level of debate, insofar as it means that your various statements may cancel out and be irrelevant.

    It could be relevant in court, as regards the credibility of your testimony. The fact that in the artificial "debate" environment it might not be valid is simply not even a consideration here.

    You seem to believe that YOU can make the rules, forcing others to adhere to them. While I do respect you, and if we met I would likely find you an interesting friend, I must remind you that in fact, you DO NOT make the rules on this forum, or in the US.

    The "debate" rules are framed by consensus here, and we apparently have a consensus that formal debate is not "on point".

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


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      I'm not going to carry this on any further as you don't know how to debate a point without resorting to invalid debating techniques.

      Statements such as this are an example.

      -Great. Goodie for Canada, that non-totalitarian country that doesn't let it's subjects- not citizens- own handguns.
      You know that isn't true so why say it?
      I can wander down to the local gun store with my Firearms Accquisition Certificate which is available to any adult without a criminal record and buy any legal handgun such as yours without the barrel cut down.

      As for the cite you asked for re browser cache images:

      July 21, 2004
      State of Wisconsin,
      Jack P. Lindgren,


      Plaintiff - Appellee,
      Defendant - Appellant.

      As for the offense of counseling to commit a crime it's known as Vicarious Liability for an offense and is in section 22 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

      Criminal Code
      PART I
      Parties to Offences

      Person counselling offence

      22. (1) Where a person counsels another person to be a party to an offence and that other person is afterwards a party to that offence, the person who counselled is a party to that offence, notwithstanding that the offence was committed in a way different from that which was counselled.


      (2) Every one who counsels another person to be a party to an offence is a party to every offence that the other commits in consequence of the counselling that the person who counselled knew or ought to have known was likely to be committed in consequence of the counselling.
      (my emphasis)
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        Oh My God He's Right!

        I suddenly realized that EVAN is right, as usual.
        I'm really sorry I started this.
        Now can we stop?
        I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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          I'm no offended by Doc postings, I thought that the machine work was very interesting, yes before you ask, I'm a gun owner, I haven't shot a gun in probably 8-10 years. Do I have any desire to modify my guns, NO, but I have the right to if I want to within US and New York State legal limits, I know how to cut down a shot gun, does that make me a criminal, NO.

          I'm not offended by your postings, I thought your shaper video was brilliant, and there no doubt that your very talented man, but I also believe your dump cart project was mundane, on par with a jr-high school metal shop project. I believe your posting of an air compressor tank, made from a junk water tank is reckless at best, there is no way except professional testing to ensure that tank was safe. It appears you got a good one, time will tell, but your posting leads people to believe they can do the same thing, what if they aren't as lucky as you and get a bad tank? I believe more people are at risk from that than from Doc's gun modification.

          What does offend me is your self appointed position of moral compass to the forum, who appears to believe his every utterance is on par with Moses delivering the Ten Commandment on Mt Sinai, do use all a favor and get off your high horse.

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            Can we please have some perspective ?
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            Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

            It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.