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Small Hydraulic Systems

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  • Small Hydraulic Systems

    Anyone know of links to various hydraulic mechanisms or systems? I'm thinking of something that is manually operated, not driven by a pump. Thanks.

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    I just spent a bit of time searching out the same topic for making a bandsaw hydraulic cylinder but no luck. What you want may be available at Tractor Service Supply. I found a fairly informative brochure there some time ago.
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      These Guys will help.


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        Small hydraulic systems...?

        Do you mean small non-powered hydraulic systems....? We might also call them hydro-static systems.
        Yes there are a few around for various purposes, but if you are trying to move or control anything with any force or precision, there are difficulties.
        I recall a local company that spent years & $$$ trying to develope a hydrostatic, manual marine steering gear....this was to replace the usual Teleflex type cable systems used on boats all over the place.
        Leakage & the slight compressability of oil are two factors to consider for precision control, as is the input power vs. actuation force required.
        Hope that gives you a start...