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Harbor Freight Cable Hoist?

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  • Harbor Freight Cable Hoist?

    Has anyone tried one of these.? Good, bad, indifferent?

    Cabella's has the identical product on sale for $59 and I was considering it for an overhead hoist system. I am going to be doing some scraping on my surface grinder ways and am not looking forward to lifting my 12x18x3 granite plate on and off the work.

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    I believe David E Cofer has that one in his shop on a home made jib crane. You might send him a private message and ask him about it directly. Might get you an answer faster. Good luck.
    Jonathan P.


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      I have their 880# version and it really does a nice job. I lifted an 8' pickup box off the chassis with it really slick. If I had it to do over again I probably would go for the 1300 pound one. But for either one, make sure the beam it attaches to is strong enough. And it pays to wait for Harbor Freight to put it on sale. And everything they have goes on sale!


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        HF has the 440lb version on sale for $79. I got a flyer from Cabella's this morning that has what looks like the same one on sale for $59. I doubt I'll find it much cheaper than that. For the suspension system I am going to employ, I don't want to be temped with more capacity than this one has.


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          I've got two - both work well - going to get another next week to lift a camping trailer up to the roof of my garage(high ceiling). One to lift the lid off of my Spa, takes it up to the gazebo roof, the other is on a headstock-mounted jib boom to change chucks on the big lathe. The one on the headstock is at 2:1, thinking about going to 3:1 - it has plenty of power, but is a little quick for accurately positioning a chuck. Anyway, should work well for you.



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            HF Hoist

            I have two of them. Both on jib booms, one in my shop and the other in the loft of my hangar. Both work great, but like others have said, make sure the boom or beam will support the load.


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              I have one on a jib, I use it to change the chucks on my 550 Butler lathe...


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                H.F. Hoist

                I use one to haul the wife's Christmas stuff up and down the stairs. Photos and video here:


                Errol Groff

                New England Model Engineering Society

                YouTube channel:


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                  I have one, mostly used it to lower parts of my tools down the basement steps on a sliding board, then to lift them into place. For the latter I simply drilled holes in the exposed joists of the floor above where I wanted it, clamped a pipe in the hangers on the hoist, then put bars through the joist holes into the pipe to hang it. Worked fine for a mill/drill head and column. With this I was able to assembled my 10" Logan and 16" Jet mill/drill alone.
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                    Add my voice to the ranks of satisfied users. Be careful when you first un pack the unit and get ready to actuate it. Free up the cable and hook and make sure it is ready to extend. I managed to run mine up past the limit switch because I didn't read/follow the directions. Yeah, it's a little mickey-mouse, but for the price and what I ask of it, it works well. It's a "few times a year" use thing for me. Don't know how it would hold up for everyday use.


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                      I have one and used it and a ginpole to lift and set the trusses on my new workshop, couldn't have done it without the hoist, worked great!
                      "four to tow, two to go"


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                        I have the 440# version on a swing-out boom in my barn. It allows me to store heavy items in the loft with ease. I extended the control cable so it can reach the first floor as the one that came with it was too short. It's nice being able to store about a 200 pound smoker in the loft for the winter and bring it down in Spring with little effort. Its also nice for backing the pickup truck under it to load and unload stuff that I can't lift.
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                          I got the 880lb one,, it is kinda fast, the pulley, well since I saw a crane joy-ball and pulley take off a young boys fingers I respect it.. you do the same.

                          Mine works about six or more times a week, now over two years old. It'll hoist a small block chevy onto a stand or sheet into the press,, the chuck or indexer onto the mill.

                          My jib is not as fancy as others just a chunk of lightly reinforced paintline track. Still too much crap in the ceilings, airlines an other stuff. I used the 50 ton press Ibeam as a stand for it. The press is tied to the 12" ibeam in the other room with a trolley so it can't turn over.
                          I have used every stick of that paintline track in my shop, rails to carry stuff from place to place. I don't have enough hoists for all hte places I need. I have two outside, and another I can hang from chain with a 2x3 angle welded as reinforcement on the back. I lift car engines quite often with it.

                          I did hang the engine I was lifting on the swivel for the spot welder, it was exciting for a moment or two. I was not paying attention. THE swivel lost that battle and now is cocked at 20 or so degrees. I kept all my fingers and toes, thank god. Working at the near limit of a hoist or bracing is dangerous when you add in a minor problem. It all could have fell on my head.
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                            Happy with mine.If you run the cable thru the block it will slow the speed.I was going to make a couple more sheaves to double the reduction.I will someday... Here is a pic of mine


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                              Thats purty.. whats all that white stuff on the ceiling?? Ha,, nice rig, a real handy bridge crane now.

                              Yesterday, every thing in the shop had grinding dust and welding smoke on it, today, it is black epoxy primer overspray, tomorrow, perhaps some House of Kolor flame overspray. Nothing is white anymore. I needed a hosing before going into my wifes house.
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