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Fixed Bridgeport power feed

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  • Fixed Bridgeport power feed

    Well I fixed it. The speed controll was shot so I looked at the specs on the motor looked at the specs on my sherline lathe speed controll.
    and wouldn't you know it. that little speed controll will handle up to 6amps, more then what the motor draws at full load. It's also got some trim pots inside to dial things in and can handle instant reversing.
    all for under $100.
    one of the local repair shops wanted close to $500 to rewire the feed with a new updated board. No thanks.
    Sherline sells the speed control as parts for their machines for $100 including the incloser.

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    Sweet! Must've been a good day for you. You never know what surprises await when you start diggin' into one o' them cans o' worms. But just goes to show what happens when you know your stuff.

    What was the deal with your shop 3-ph, was that it? But you run it through a converter first and then into your machine, is that it?

    Speaking of speed control, dig this...just finished dialing in my new (old) lathe. It's much older than I thought. Guesswise maybe 1920, possibly originally driven by overhead belt, then modified with a 3.5 HP 3-ph motor, (all this mounted up on top) which goes by vee belt to a lever-actuated friction clutch, which goes to a three-speed + reverse automobile or tractor transmission (with stick shift!), which goes to another 2:1 or 1:2 gear transmission, which goes to another vee belt which goes to the spindle/headstock.

    Pretty darn funky.

    I would've made use of your controller, if you didn't need it!

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      I need the controller I just need it more on my mill then on my line winder. I got a 1/2 HP sherline lathe motor and controll from work they were chucking because it sat around to long with out being used.
      so I was trying to build a spectra line winder with it (heavy duty enough) then I get the mill and the power feed works only sometimes and only in one direction. It's a DC 90V motor same as the sherline and it's rated at 4.5 amps the controll is rated at 6 amps so I'm good there.
      I know a little about electicity and figured out the my feed motor has field windings used to reverse the direction of the motor and probably more but I'm that up on DC motors to know. so I locate on the board two terminal conections that are labeled F- and F+ so I SWAGed it and conected two wires to the points and to the winding conections in the motor and crossed my fingers as I fliped the switch. HOLLY S%%T it worked. I though for sure it was at the least blow the breaker or at the most fry in a cloud of smoke but no it worked perfect first shot. and I learnd that by reversing those conections that the direction of the motor is also reversed. COOL.

      Well Rob I live in an appartment with a detached garage(as in the garage is no where near my appartment) and since it's an appartment they only expect people to park a car in the garage, what in the hell would I want with a car in my garage? Where would I put my shop? anyway thats the thinking behind it. So they only supply enough power for a garage door opener and a light 20 amps of 110VAC so unlike you I don't have a real shop that I pay rent on that has the correct power or something close(one of these days though) So I have to use 110 through a tranformer to get 220VAC to connect to the AC drive then I get 3 Phase 220 and variable frequency (don't realy need the vari freq I have a J2 vari speed head) I did some testing at work to see what kind of cuts I could make at home based on the amps and at work the same machine wired with the same voltage only pulled 4.5 max in normal use, equals 9 amps at 110VAC well under my breaker limit. Although the amps went way up just turning the thing on and even more if you through it in reverse. But with the AC drive you can program the ramp up on the spindle so you ramp it out to about two second and you decrease the amp load a lot.
      So that's what I'm goona do 2000 watt transformer from Texas to get me my 220VAC the my AC drive from NY to get my 3 phase.
      There's more then one way to do this.
      Rule #1 be 10% smarter then what you\'re working on.
      Rule #2 see Rule #1