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FUN, painted to match, pocket bike and ZX11

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  • FUN, painted to match, pocket bike and ZX11

    My second paintjob with the true fire technique, my style. I like the flowing instead of the pockets Mike Lavalee does.

    The small fairing is for a pocket bike I had gave to me, the larger is for my Kawasaki ZX11 (the one that is supposed to cure my Hayabusa craving)

    Maybe I'll paint the bridgeport to match later. THE pocket bike will be fun to ride around events. I am putting a slightly larger engine on the frame.

    Used: House of Kolor true fire kit ($35 off ebay) and UC35 HOK clear coat with micro rainbow metalflake. Iwata Eclipse air brush and Devibiliss Finish line 3 HVLP rig. Airbrush set for 60psi, hvlp set to 26psi. It took about a pint of clear (3 coats) and about 1/4th of the true fire airbrush paint set. I estimate about $25-30 in materiels. Yeah, that is passion purple in there..
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    And I thought it was Plum Crazy,in there.


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      A 'Busa in any color is a definite cure for the ZX11


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        Nice to see you feeling good enough to get busy David. Project looks good.
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          Someone asked me what was under the blankets,

          No Wolfie: Buying this 91 crx was plum crazy.. I got it to put the 2005 civic engine into, but then went to Florida and got a acura LS engine and 5 speed.
          I weigh 300lbs, the roll cage angle bars on each door, I can take the targa roof out to jump across, but can't get into the car with the top in it.

          I am signed up to buy insurance cars and looking for a 2005 hit in front, I got a yard full right now, and a shop full. If I ever get caught up, I might get bored.
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          Excuse me, I farted.


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            That paint job looks sweet, I like your style of flame work.


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              what the hell is that contraption behind the CRX?
              "four to tow, two to go"


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                Dave i like it!!! Great blending!! COOL!!!!!!

                Ray in N. Ont.


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                  That is another pocket bike with extended swingarm. I got the body and fairing on the zx11 and the pocketbike, too dark for photos.

                  The kawasaki laid on it's side in a friends yard for a year. I got the engine running but it has a water pump problem underneath. not looked into that yet.

                  The sideshaft briggs engine is too tall for the pocketbike. I am hunting something else now.

                  I gave that second pocketbike to Mike, I'll park it next to the ewheel I gave him about six months ago, still in my yard.
                  Excuse me, I farted.


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                    flames look great!!!

                    should have kept the cover on that crx though!!


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                      Nice job!

                      Originally posted by David E Cofer
                      Maybe I'll paint the bridgeport to match later.
                      Now that is something I would definitely want to see.


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                        should have kept the cover on that crx though!! <end quote?>

                        Never made the cover, just a feature car...

                        It has had a lot of changes since then, all the good stuff pulled off. The big hp engine broke the frame and I gotta reweld it. The B20 engine blowed, I got a B16 for it. Front air dam is gone as is several other parts in the photo shoot. I'd like to find the original builder of the car, it has a lot of work in it. Too much for a kid, probably some old fart like me.
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                        Excuse me, I farted.


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                          David, you have to be at least 60 years old to be classified as a "Old Fart", don't try to hurry it up, comes too soon as it is.
                          "four to tow, two to go"


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                            Yard art?? It still don't run.

                            We stuck these spare parts together, first fit up.

                            Speedsport, I sure am feeling sixty. I got enough enjoyment this morning on my 3 hour ride to relax me for a nap thou. Loving that Roadking. Nothing has ever been as comfortable to ride.
                            I did get some of the Slide to a stop Yard Sale activity, then got tailgated by a kid with $500 car *nothing runs stopsigns as fast as a 500 car.. then.. I was looking at this lil girls behind and almost rear ended a car. Ahh hell all in fun?
                            Excuse me, I farted.


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                              nice! , i suppose that'll give you the motivation to get it running now!!!!

                              are you planning on doing the tank + rr fender too?