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    I tought all machine tools were slumping... but that does not appear true.

    Custom Hammers seems be going strong - and bike makers seriously want this thing. I knew it was great for building Fenders and great Gas Tanks... but just did know how strong the demand was.

    Any machine tool in strong demand is good news and is worth a look.

    jerry robinson

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    Yikes! Over 8 grand! Way over priced. You can get a Pulmax for less than 1/4 of that. I think someone is messing with the bidding. Sure, it's got a lot of tooling but still out of line. These aren't hard to make. A good 4x riveter goes for less than $400 new. The frame can be made from 10 cents/lb. stuff.
    I'm a metal shaper too but you'ld have to crank out a lot of fenders to pay for that. That's more of a collector piece than a tool.


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      That's ok mate, I seen a $3k aircraft grade CNC minimill go for $8k too. I was shocked, but even at $8k it was still a steal, only I would not have paid more that $3k for it (did not need it really).


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        Dvideo.. having a bid on ebay does not mean a sale or my income would be way up.. Notice the bidder is a (0) feedback and probably will not complete the sale.

        A real power hammer is a large chunk of steel worked via a crankshaft to a anvil and hammer. some have a mcpherson strut in them to asorb the shock a lil in the links. A real nice one made from a 6cyl chevy with head removed and oil pump still functional. Be sure thou, a 200 pound of iron has no mercy on fingers just like it does steel.
        The english wheel anvils sell pretty good on ebay, but they are a pain to cut. Check out the pattern guide I clamp in my leblond at
        It is near the bottom of page, be forewarned there are lots of pictures. Without dsl it takes forever. It worked-works great, but all hand work standing over the lathe. I have growed to love the old leblond.
        95 percent of the bike builders I know think Jessie James is full of crap, His fenders are hand made alright in Mexico so I am told. A big thing for a 500+ fender. About all them just own a drill press and a welder tho, so what do they know?.
        More people should just take a hammer a leather sand bag and see what they can do with it. The english wheel is to flatten out and straighten out the knots you beat into it. You grow attached to hammers too. Turn a few heads in the lathe, etc.
        It seems your sweat forges the metal without heat.
        My new ideal is to build a shaper that flips up on end, and becomes a power hammer. We'll see how that works when I get it to the top of the "to do" list. They may be back in style after that.


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          We had one of those CP riveters at work ,sold it for a $50 bill,piece-o-crap .I liked my homemade englishwheel better anyway.We also recently bought a Lennox metal master,at gov auction for $100.00!Much better.Big planishing hammers I have seen go for as little as $25.00 at auction ,just isn't any demand.Power hammers on the other hand are scarce as hens teeth.I have been looking for one for 13 years with no luck,I think I will build one once I get a new roof built.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            I have watched Jesse James on "monster garage" and the dude can weld, man! I think your bike building buddies are "green with envy". Apparently he learned to weld in the Navy.

            What puzzles me is how such an skinny little puke can get the wife he has - must be the Harleys!


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              There is an art about working with Planishing hammer that I can watch for quite a while. I have seen the end result on a number of bikes in the Phoenix area and it's a rolling work of art. Cars have no soul for the most part (except my 914, but I have to pay the shop twice a month to keep it there) and bikes do.

              That will get a lot of argument, so it will just have to be my opinion.

              Sill, any metal art business that seems to be picking up is a good thing.... That is why the price supprised me - early on in the auction, too...