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    i know that this is sorta off topic, but i thought you guys would be the best people to ask. i made aux switches for all my accessories in my Suzuki Sidekick. heres a picture when they lit up.

    the LEDs have mostly burnt out, since i didn't use the proper value resistor.

    what I'm looking for, is ideas on how to make it cleaner, more shock resistant and simpler to install/remove.

    this is a picture of it when its off, and the back. thought i would also mention that it looks better than that when its clean, it just has mud all over it right now...

    the small black wire is the ground for the LED that is inside the switch, the middle connection on the switch is the power in, and then the outside is power out. the white boxes have a little hole in them for the LED to go into, and there was resistors soldered across.

    the best idea i can come up with, is to make a PCB and use smt components, and solder the PCB right to the tops of the switches. that would also allow me to make the words change color depending on if they are on or off.

    any other suggestions on how to make my words light up, and have it simple but effective, let me know... thanks

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    What you got looks like it should work. Just use a resistor around 800 ohms in “series” with the LED’s. For long life limit their current to 15 to 20 milliamp or less. You don’t need a lot of light to be able to see them at night.