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  • OT:Just another day at work

    Just finished reinstalling the 4 original steeples from the first congregational church in los Angeles. They were built in 1932 and were damaged in the 1994 northridge earthquake. They were removed and stored in hopes of being reinstalled later, but the tower structure is too damaged to support their weight. We installed replicas 2 years ago on the tower 175' up if I rember right. So the church installed them on the entry of the church. Each part weighs appx 23,000 pounds. We loaded them on the semi with 2 3/4" steel cables in a basket formation. Then off loaded and uprighted them using 2 1" steel chokers and a 3/4" steel choker on the bottom. I enjoy the style of architecture in theese old buildings.Sorrry for the large pics.

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    Cool! You got any pics of the church itself?

    Neat to see old architecture - not to quote a cliche, but they sure don't build 'em now like they did back then! I like seeing all the old brick buildings. (not brick faced houses but actuall brick buildings!)


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      Here is a pic of the outside and one of the sanctuary. The pipe organ in the church is one of the largest in the world. If you are up in the towers when the organ is playing you can feel the vibrations in the floor. The steeples in the pic are the ones we installed 2 years ago. This building was the tallest building in LA when it was built.

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        Looks like an interesting job.

        I had to show my Wife this post. We were living in Buena Park when the Northridge quake hit.
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          I'd rather see large pics straight off than a thumbnail to click on.

          'Course I'm on cable.

          I like the old buildings, too.

          Good lift, too. For what it's worth, I think I would have used some sheet lead where the ropes met the points of the octagon at the double chokers. The spires, whatever, show some wear and damage or erosion, but no sense making more.




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            Lifting things that old, you never really know.. If you got all your fingers and toes and can go home.. good job.

            Ironworker? or ?? cranes are some of the most dangerous things on a construction site. Tag line on the load, powerlines, poor footing on the crane. I am no cowboy, I try to stay out of the way. And let a lil dark cloud blow up and watch me dissapear. Thats a mighty big lightning rod.
            Excuse me, I farted.