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    Was looking through the scrapyard, keeping an eye open for an old compressor, when a pickup pulled in, the guy unloaded a bunch of feldergarb, and left. I didn't pay much attention, but as I was leaving (after getting bitten by one of the three dogs there) I saw that he had left an old homemade lathe. It was a cobbled up bunch of angle iron and flat bar, with dovetailed slides and neat looking handles. Not a restoration item, but interesting to see, anyway. I didn't get the compressor, but I did see a head from an old flathead straight eight. Not warped, either, compared to other scrap heads there. Looks like it weighs a ton. Maybe make a good base for another machine tool--hmmm.
    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-

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    Hi darryl.You'd be surprised how much that head will bend or twist.If you use it for a base keep that in mind.To test it,put it up on some kind of blocks at each end(4x4's will work for this).Put a long straight edge on it and push down on the head.With the pressure on it,recheck for deflection.Careful you don't snap it!Robert.


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      What, are you crazy? That head is probably worth as much as a small lathe. Quite trying to bend it and put it up for sale on Ebay. Starting price $500.


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        Oh, now I see why the head was stashed away in the junkman's keeper zone. It's not for sale. I guess he knows the value of it. Maybe that's why the dog bit me, not supposed to be rootin' through THAT stuff.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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          Gunsmith.. I got 450 dollars for a whole running ford flathead v8. The guy who bought it paid for my delivery also. Cars are my other hobby. I bought a 39 ford truck 1100 dollars, sold the original drive train for 1300 total, sold some other parts off it, put a 150 dollar chevy 350 in it(bought whole car), and got 2,000 out of it when I got tired of playing with it. Everyone was happy.. You never can tell about ebay. I found out you want your items to end on high usage nites, ie.. the weekends when us working stiffs are home.
          The guy who got the old truck thought he put it to me, took advantage of me. Maybe he did? but I still had fun.
          I had to build a privacy fence to keep my shop, and keep the sight see'ers out from falling and getting hurt. Nothing like welding in a pipe stand and turning around to see a ten year old neighbor kid watching you.
          I wish I had room to accumulate a junk yard.
          Old cars go up in value, not down. Best to purchase others projects they have lost interest in.


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            I miss the days of $200 cars. They are $2-5K here now. Part of the problem is cars & trucks over 10 years old have to pass safety inspections to get plates and insurance. If I let my plates or insurance lapse on my 1994 Dakota in 2004 it has to be recertified for the road. So junkers are not an option up here unless you are restoring them. A ex-buddy was whacked by a new truck while driving his "babe magnet" (his descriptive not mine ) 1964 Ford Falcon. They told him he even would have to repaint the car as the hood was black and the body puke blue - he had a s**t hemmorage! I told him to just restore it and shut up, but he cheap bastard would not - he waited until his sister got pissed off at him and gave him her car (he is not poor either - he had $300K in cash and CSB's and $700K in mutuals) - cheap bastard. Never went anywhere unless someone else was paying - I hate that.

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              I used to do the $500 car things, but I started spending a lot of time fixing those cars. Plus laying on the driveway during the winter months is hard on me these days.

              So I bought a Corolla LE with all of the bells and whistles, because the deals can't move cars these days and gave me a big discount on the sticker. Plus for my 1987 Dodge Omni, they gave a $1,500 trade in. I only paid $600 for it two years ago. The oil filter bypass valve and the internal screen got plugged up, so the car really didn't have any value to me.

              So now I am looking for a 1966 Impala with a 327 to play with. I used to be able to rebuild an engine over the weekend on these cars.