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DAREX E90 problem of electric scheme.

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  • DAREX E90 problem of electric scheme.

    I have a problem of connection of the motor darex e90 and electric scheme. I have purchased a darex in US and to send they have divided it in two parts the motor and the base table, the connections have now been cut with the scissors and me not to know whether to connect. please someone good soul could help me?


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    Where are you located? Did you buy this new? or used, from ebay or such?
    If the cords were simply snipped with sissors you should be able to just peel back the outer insulation and see which wires to connect to which.

    I have an E90, and I'm pretty sure the only connection going to the stand is the switch connection.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      Hi .my darex is used and it is the model painted of gold. if you could send me a photo as this of the back motor, could recognize the threads. The motor is totally detached, because who the darex has sold me has cut the threads.
      this is the motor:
      this is the scheme of the threads that I have available with the colors of each
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        Luca,I'm guessing you are in Italy or Spain.Please remember that the USA runs 110-120 volts mains,while yours is more likely 220-240 volts.You may have to get another motor.


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          So far as I can tell the motor is a 3-wire, and can't be rewired for 220. On the other hand the power required is small and likely you can find a 2:1 transformer in a 300+ VA (.3 KVA) capacity that would easily handle the motor. A luggage shop or shop that caters to tourists would have that very transformer for US and Japanese tourists visiting a 220V country.


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            thanks for the interest but my problem not the power supply, but as to connect the threads interrupted of the motor with the plant of the darex.


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              First, look on the inside of the cover that was over the wiring area of the motor.

              Usually, the wiring for the motor is shown on the cover.

              If no diagram, then it is less clear. However, the black and white wires are normally the "line" and "neutral" of the mains connector for US wiring.

              If the motor has a reversing switch, then it is again less clear. You would need to show us a picture of the front and back of the switch.

              If no reversing switch, the switch is only for 'on" and "off". In that case, the switch is almost certainly connected in the "black", or "line" mains wire.

              May I assume that the wires in the "elbow" go to the switch? If so, it may be possible to look at the connections to the switch and determine the function of each wire.

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