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  • Titanium source for tube

    Had a phone call from a old buddy, he has one leg. Can't wear a prosthetic.

    He heard about some of the things I have been doing with tubing and wants a set of titanium crutches made up, 1.00" diameter x .020-.030 ? wall.. (e's a big guy)

    No local sources on tubing? any clue for a decent website? If anyone else wants to take this on, PM me. Miter cut would be as good as the bend and weld.

    The one company that makes them? they get near a grand for a set.
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    You really push the envelope don't you? LOL Good old wood and aluminum have been good enough for years and now titanium. What's next? Hardened smoke?
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      carbon fibre of course.
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        Except for the "Gee whiz" factor, what advantage would titanium have over aluminum in this application?
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          google it, suppliers will come up.
          Ebay is probably going to be the cheapest.
          Then, when you call them, and find out its running at least $50/lb. you will quickly see why the commercial ones cost a grand.
          And they are buying in bulk, getting price breaks you wont get for one pair of crutches.

          The stuff aint cheap!

          1" is going to run you at least 20 bucks a foot, on ebay, up to 3 times that, depending on alloy, and where you buy it. The 20 buck stuff I saw on ebay was CP- commercially pure- which is the softest, easiest to bend grade, and probably not what they use for crutches.


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            This big ole boy uses the walking sticks with the cuffs on his wrists.

            He breaks two or more sets of them a year he told me. Perhaps he just wants to get someone local who can build-repair them? They are about a .020 aluminum x 1"

            He used to go to redneck bars and whip ass with them. Lethal weapon is what I remember the judge saying.

            In other words, he's rough on them. AND welding titanium would be a new experience. A bubble or other way to surround it with argon.
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              Seems more practical to go to a thicker wall tubing. Couldn't add
              much weight for a 'big ol boy' to go to 40-60 thou thick tubing
              and maybe go up to 1.125 diameter. Would be a lot stronger and
              more available in Al than Ti.


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                large wall Aluminum, perhaps injected with foam.
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                  I googled "titanium crutches" and came back with more results than I cared to look at. They do seem to be expensive though.

                  A good source for surplus titanium is an ebay seller named "titanium joe." Not sure if you sould search it as one word or not. I've bought a fair ammount from him, very reliable in my experience. No affiliation.


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                    a little more weight, but what about Chrome Moly Tubing?