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  • south bend lathe

    I am parting out and am going to put on ebay some south bend parts. back gears - tumbler - worm gears - compound - thread dial. they are off a 13 inch - motor in base machine. Does anyone know if any of these parts will fit on a different size south bend lathe? Richard

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    Check the archives.

    But really, It would be nice to ask if anyone here needs some parts first and offer a board member a good deal,I am sure you have learned some here, return the favor.

    I don't do SB lathes, so I have no hidden agenda.


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      What??? ...and invoke the wrath of the 'No selling' crowd?


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        Piss on 'em.


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          How about HSM mag subscribers get to post items offered but absolutely no commercial offerings ? Wonder if that would fly. I believe that it would give enough of an extra push for some to get a subscription.


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            Would that include Live steam, machinist's workshop and that off the wall rag?


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              south bend lathe

              This summer I was mowing the lawn. when I went under a tree there was a big paper wasps nest that I didn’t see. I was in a swarm of angry bees before I knew what was happening. When I read your responses to my posting I had similar feelings.
              I am happy to offer any of you first chance at any south bend parts i have for sale.
              Richard [email protected]


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                The thread dial may fit a 14 1/2" and 16. the rest is pretty much all by it self.

                I could use a belt tensioning lever and a reverse tumbler brass latch.

                [email protected]

                The amount of space available is proportional to the amount of junk collected!

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