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  • John's secret identity

    Angle-Grinder Man: A superhero for our times
    Posted by Teresa at 09:54 AM * 62 comments

    This is from Sarah Lyall’s “London Journal” column in the New York Times:

    “[T]he masked Englishman who calls himself Angle-Grinder Man … has been trawling London for four months dressed in a homemade superhero outfit, complete with gold lame9 underpants and cape, removing the security boots from people’s illegally parked cars.
    As a one-man vigilante force, Angle-Grinder Man, who takes his name from the boot-destroying circular saw he wields, has made only a modest impact: by his own estimates, he has freed about 20 cars so far (he does it only part time). But his campaign against the city’s effort to immobilize cars for parking violations and other infractions has touched a nerve in a city of strict parking regulations, zealous traffic police officers, ubiquitous speed cameras and car owners increasingly aggrieved at what they believe is mean-spirited law enforcement.

    Although he hardly melts into the background, particularly when he switches on his noisy machine, Angle-Grinder Man has so far managed to elude the authorities by a mixture of luck, cunning and quick work: once he gets going, he can liberate a car in less than a minute. …

    Long-haired and lanky, he is becoming well known in some parts of south London. About a month ago, 25-year-old Petite Tendai arrived home to find a boot on her illegally parked car. (“There were no signs saying `no parking,’ ” she declared.) She had barely begun to rail at the injustice of it all when Angle-Grinder Man suddenly appeared.

    “Basically, he jumped out of his car in his outfit and said, `If anyone can, Angle-Grinder Man can,’ ” Ms. Tendai said in a telephone interview. “Then he just started sawing it off. It was wicked.” He was gone almost as quickly as he came. “It was just a `good luck,’ and what-not, and then he was off,” she said.

    Like all superheroes, he has an origins story: When his car got booted, and he was told it would cost a395 (around $150) to free it, he instead rented a circular saw for a330 and removed the boot himself.

    But Angle-Grinder Man knew he was on to something. “There was so much injustice out there,” he said.
    He heard the call, and answered it.
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    John's Secret Identity

    Apparently he is to be seen trawling miles long lengths of electric wire from his hide out in Nottingham Forest so that his angle grinder will work.


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      Originally posted by aviemoron
      Apparently he is to be seen trawling miles long lengths of electric wire from his hide out in Nottingham Forest so that his angle grinder will work.
      Yes and not managed to cut the lead yet


      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        Originally posted by wierdscience

        Long-haired and lanky, ....
        Good disguise John


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          What lead?

          Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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            John's Secret Identity

            Come on Evan, John is not going to do battery charges with solar power.
            Well not in London!

            John, how did you get the tonsorial stuff so luxuriant after what I saw- or didn't see at the Harrogate Show?


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              Only in england

              This is very hard to imagine in any place but England, the "gold underpants" is the smokestack on the outhouse, unbelievable --- almost....

              If it is indeed S.J. you can bet his angle grinder is far from stock and heavily modified with all kinds of failsafes and high performance features.... and yes of course --- cordless...


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                Well from a country that has given us Robin Hood ( or was it Robbing B.....d ?) Is it hardly surprising an urban hero has arisen in the land of the wheel clamping villains, Who said the Sherriff of Nottingham was dead ? Did he borrow his gold tights from Maid Marion?


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