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Need info on stready rest for Standard Modern lathe

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  • Need info on stready rest for Standard Modern lathe

    I purchased an 11" Standard Modern lathe a while ago and it came without a steady rest. I have a project that will require the use of a steady rest and I have tried my usual sources to locate one, to no avail.

    Would anyone here know if another manufacturer used the same size/dimension ways on their lathes? I'm hoping another manufacturer used the same bed dimensions and I can just use their steady rest with no alterations(not expecting too much, am I). If not I assume I'll have to find another company's steady rest and machine the base to fit my lathe.



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    Standard Modern can't supply one?
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      Hi SGW, I'm looking for a used one to reduce costs, hopefully. I've sent Standard Modern an e-mail waiting to hear from them.



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        it's a different standard modern, or at least a reincarnation of the original. iirc they went bust and then were resurrected after some time had passed.....point being they may not have stock of stuff for older lathes...if they do, it would be interesting to hear what they want for one.

        The standard moderns were the most common lathe used in school machine shops here. There's a used machine dealer around here, Ford Machinery Supply, in Richmond Hill Ontario who's picked up a lot of SM stuff from the schools. Unfortunately, like many used machine dealers, after risking life and limb climbing over machines you'll find a shelf full of misc lathe accessories with no one really having a clue as to what is what. might be worth a call though, ask for Robert (the owner), nice enough guy. be forewarned though, they are not shy. The universal grinding vice i made and posted pics of here was a direct protest to Robert telling me he wanted $900 for the Delta one he had


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          I have the same lathe (picked it up - with help of course, this January). It came with a travelling steady which is fairly rare in my experience, but with no fixed unit.

          I trolled E-bay for months but with no luck within my budget of $150 - even with the idea of modifying one. In the end I bought the castings from Metal Lathe Accessories
          I am about 50% complete and am very pleased with the quality of the castings, and the build instructions, as always, are very helpful.

          I have made a base from HRS about 2.25 x 5.5 x 1" to straddle the ways to which I will attach the unit. It can handle a 6" diam. piece of metal but I wouldn't try a solid piece that big. It is going to look like it belongs to this lathe.

          Good luck with quest.

          Re Ford Machinery - he seems to never have any "tooling" for all the lathes he gets. When I was looking for mine, I did climb over several machines at his warehouse but he said that the schools keep all the tooling for the one lathe they don't sell.




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            Just a suggestion, I have an unidentified cast iron steady that looked right for my SB (it wasn't) that may be a good candidate for a "lift" base modification to fit yours.

            Rough measurements: 4 3/4" from base to center, 3 3/4" from the "V" to the center of a 1" wide foot on the base bed mounting area, handles about 3" dia. work with an open throat. Mounting stud is in direct line (no offset) with the steady's fingers, and has a cutout to tighten the nut.

            Am presently working on a similar steady modification on a unit I bought off Kijiji, to fit my SB9.

            One thing is for sure..........I'll beat anyone's price if you feel this is a project for you.