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    Last report outlined how I had moved my Bridgeport home and that I had my Plasma table in the crate waiting for assembly.

    I had projected that I would be able to start taking job work by September 15. I believe that I will make it happen. As of this point I have done the following: I rewired the shop to accommodate the three phase rotary converter. I have installed a vast quantity of 3/4 copper pipe for air lines. Installed the rotary converter and attached it to my system to fire the Bridgeport. I have started the Bridgeport for the first time. I did discover that it has a rather loud knocking noise coming from the head. I decided that since it was a used machine that I would tear the head down for inspection and for diagnosis of the knock. I cleaned the entire head inside and out. Turns out the knock was from the plastic bushing sleeves in the variable pulley under the motor. The lower bushing had lost about half of it. I machined a new bushing from a piece of plastic. Knock gone! Runs like a champ...and quiet too.

    The plasma table is assembled and operational. I have to make a water table under the plasma cutter. I need to contain the sparks and dust from cutting. I have some real learning to do with the software. I own a current copy of AutoCAD. I recently bought a copy of AutoCAD for Dummies. The last copy of AutoCAD I touched was version 13. This is quite different.

    I have a new Aloris tool post. I need to do some mill work on the t-slot base so that it fits my lathe. This thing has been something I have wanted really bad for a long time. It is going to make my old turret look like a joke. I bought it as a set with a full set of tool blocks. So I need to get the T slot post modified so I can get it tested out. I can't wait. I had to get the mill up and cooking so I can do the modification for the t slot. It is going to be nice having the knurling tool and the boring bar holder.

    Everything is coming along. I am darned happy to have made out ok on the Bridgeport. I bought it on a gentleman's promise that it worked. If all I have to do is rebush that pulley I am lucky. There are some cosmetic issues at hand such as missing lever knobs. Such as the little knob that goes on the quill lock. Little junk like that. It is also missing the quill feed hand wheel. I sort of like having that. Some fellows toss it aside. I rather like having it for boring. When I get it all wrapped up I will shoot a picture for ya'll.

    I am really having to use my best organization skills nowadays. I find that my shop is getting to be a little snug. I recall one of you fellows saying that you don't go in your shop... you sort of put it on. I am getting there.


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    Mac, you've got the right idea. Get as much organising done before work starts in earnest. I've been organising my workshop for years, everytime I get halfway there another job comes along or a new machine to restore or modify.
    Good luck with your venture.

    West Sussex UK