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  • What to do with JUNK

    Beautiful weekend here . Cooled off and humidity down. So I wonted to spend it outside. Cleaned out store house and garage and be hind shop. Throwing stuff away and cleaning out. Had two old castings of machine parts .one some kind of grinder spindle work head and and old motor mount plate off my Van Norman. Thought I would take the spindle apart and save the bearings and bolts,so I did. But after looking at one of the castings . I could see the makings of and angle plate of some sort. So I set in to machining it up. and after rutting around in more junk found a piece of 3/4 thick ground castiron to bolt on the face.
    In the process of doing that I realized the motor mount casting would make a nice ankle plate also.So after finishing the first one I started machining up the second one all that is left to do is add some taped holes are slots. Here are the results.First plate from spindle casting.

    Nexk 3 picthures are Angle plate from motor mount casting.

    The casting be four I started.

    The back of the finished casting

    The finished plate. Less holes and or slots to come later. And I was fixing to throw all this away .Now I got more tools
    Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self

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    Good idea, in the last photo, it shows 2 distinct looking machined surfaces, did you have to machine that face, or is an original surface? There must have been a lot of CI dust, how did you deal with it?



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      I had a mess of cast iron stuff gets every where. It will be settling out of air for a week now. SHOP VAC. Plate was machines both faces and sides. Tool one inch of material off both sides and 1 1/2 off top Just cleaned op the faces after getting under rough cast iron . that is tool marhs from to paces with fly cutter swinging 4 1/2 inches.
      Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self


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        Junk is raw material just waiting for a good new use.
        That’s going to be a “real nice piece of junk” when it is complete.
        Plus you get to say “I made it”!


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          I have a perfect solution for junk. I drive mine.


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            Very Nice Lane, I have a pile of Diamonds in the rough out back you can go look at.


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              Nothing wrong with that. Big difference between junk and garbage is that junk doesn't smell bad after a week in the sun. That's why I keep it and make stuff with it. I've been using junk lately that I have kept for 30 years. Nice work Lane.
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                Originally posted by Forrest Addy
                I have a perfect solution for junk. I drive mine.

                Glad to know i'm not the only one...

                Good recylcling, Lane!

                And Evan - thats exactly how i look at it. Junk is useful, garbage is smelly.


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                  You have to know when to hold it,

                  Know when to scrap it,

                  Know when to use it,

                  And have fun while doing so.
                  It's only ink and paper