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  • New project done

    Well I toke a break from the cuttermaster to contemplate for a while and decided to build this to help in set ups.

    Here is a picture of the parts roughed out.

    Test fit on the mill.

    Here are the parts profiled and complete.

    A different angle of the same.

    "Just build it and be done"

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    The assembled jig

    Couple of shots assembled.

    It was a fun little project while it lasted.
    "Just build it and be done"


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      Very Nice!!! Thanks for posting the photos.



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        I dont even know what it is , but it looks well built and by the looks of the couple "bloodie pints of ale" in the background it indeed looks like you had "fun while it lasted" you set a great example for the board that machining can be fun and doesnt have to be "boring"

        very nice work by the way ( Im familiar with american spirit tobaco but what kinda beer is that?)


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          Thanks Mike, it will be fun to use.
          A.K. Boomer, it is a jig to center items under the mills spindle. It will probably get used to set up my rotary table the most. Yes I smoke American Spirit tobacco, but the "bloodie pints of ale", I am affraid are Reed's Ginger Ale. I really don't have much use for alcohol. Thanks for the replies, reading them is as fun as posting. Jay
          "Just build it and be done"


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            Nice job. Do you plan on making another attachment to hold a test indicator for setting up ID's of holes or is that not something you think you'll need?


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              Thanks for the pics. You know we're all picture whores around here. I hope you get some good use out of your project, looks like a handy gadget to have.
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                Yes Greg, it is in the planning /making stage. Origanally I was going to make it for my Federal Testmaster indicator (it's like a Starrett Last Word), but the dial face is only about 1" in diameter, so it is harder to read. After I build the attachment for the larger 2" for ID's, I may continue and make an attachment for the Federal indicator. The unit is very roughly (Heavy on rough) patterned after the Mitutoyo indicator holder. Thanks for the feedback, Jay
                "Just build it and be done"


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                  Don't accidentally hit the power...

                  Make darn sure you don't turn on the spindle with that baby in there, it could be bad! Nice work.
                  James Kilroy