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    Hey folks...

    I have a bit of a design issue for ya. My new plasma CAM is up and running and making a mess. Plasma cutting obviously makes a bit of slag dust and much of it is airborne. Since the plasma table shares some floor space with the rest of the shop I can't have metal dust / slag dust flying about.

    Here is my plan.. The table offers the ability to install the panels in place the close up the legs on all four sides. Once that is done I intend to attach a dust collection system to the "box" formed by the four legs. With the dust collector turned on I hope that it will offer some down draft and keep the dust under control

    Here is the dust collector I plan to use:

    I am guessing that (1654 cfm thru the 8" pipe) the dust collector should create enough draft in the 4x4 box below the cutting table to keep the dust under control. Anyone care to offer any supporting theories to make me feel like I am engineering the right solution to the dust problem? Anyone own the above dust collector and care to tell me how loud it is? I am hoping that someone has a better handle on air flow physics than I do. I am assuming that the pleated filter rated to collect dust in the .2 - 2 Micron range should take care of the face powder dust from plasma cutting. Any thoughts?

    Thanks All..
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    Read this website on cyclone systems. It has a lot of very good information and a full set of plans and calculations for changing size. All the theory you could want on these devices. A link to a small company mannufacturing his design and videos of the cyclones in use. He even has a small one optimised for attachment to wet/dry vaccumns.

    It is centered towards the woodworker and collecting dust in the 1 micron range and up (the super fine stuff that coats everything overnight) but would certainly work on larger, heavier stuff.
    He also has all the theory (not hard stuff) on sizing your tubes, airflow through the system and plans on making an impeller fan (manufactured blade) design for this system.

    I've been looking at his stuff for a few years and now that I have started my own business and need filtration I'm deciding on whether to buy or build.



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      I have a bunch of tools and stuff that make good dust collectors .
      It's only ink and paper