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  • Project takes a turn...

    My wife is beginning to think that I engineer things just to take my projects to another level...because I like to spend money. This whole issue with the plasma cutter table making such a mess has led me to more building. Big surprise?...Not so much. I have landed on a dust collector that will serve the purpose. Now the thought of listening to that collector run is far more annoying than listening to the compressor run in the shop. So.....what I need is a nice little lean-to add on shed ...out back of the shop. Simple enough...I can just construct a nice 6'x8' shed out back and move the dust collector and the compressor out there. I will route a new supply line to the compressor head from outside just to make sure that the dust collector doesn't feed any dust to the pump. I can't wait to finish this little project. The thought of being able to work in the shop or talk on the phone with out the compressor running will be wonderful. I have a couple jobs waiting for me once I am done. One will require about 1700 cut pieces the other will be about 10,000 pieces. It is in my best interest to get crackin' on don't wait forever. Guess I better get on the business end of a shovel ...there is concrete to pour!


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    What's the building going to cost?

    THE V4 compressor from Eaton is so quiet you can talk on the phone in the same room with it running. $1500? a real 7 1/2hp, a 10hp pump with larger pulley turning slower.

    That damn water bleed-solonoid timer makes me near wet myself everytime it kicks and blows air thou.

    Painted all day long with it today.
    Excuse me, I farted.


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      Oh you are going to like having the noise outside! My 5hp Quincy compressor is on a slab out behind the garage with a lean to built over it. I have the 120 gal horizontal tank and controls inside the garage with a calculated length of pipe run to allow much condensation to drop out before the compressed air hits the filter/regulator with dissicant container attached. I can paint all day without