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    We are looking at getting an UTV or RTV or whatever they call those things for use as a farm utility vehicle around the place. I'm tired of using an atv for this application. In order to haul enough tools for the particular job you end up putting front and rear boxes on the thing (or towing a trailer which I'm not found of in our constricted woods). Then every time you go through the mount/dismount cycle you have swing your leg over the rear box. Running a fence line with an atv is a pia, having to stop every few feet then get back on etc. I end up riding the thing with my knee on the seat which gets old as well.

    Looking at the kawasaki mule, polaris ranger as they have bench seats. Reportedly the mule comes in a diesel option (kubota engine) which would be nice as I could just fill up from the 200gallon farm tank. The JD gator doesn't have near enough ground clearance and the Kubota RUV is big $$$$$.

    These darn things are expensive though and they have not been out that long so the used market is almost non-existent.

    Other options
    Old Toyota truck. Pull the doors off. These are pretty wide vehicles though...

    Imported japanese mini trucks. I keep reading about these on the net but have never seen one up close

    Geo tracker. I ran the numbers quickly to see what it would take to bring one of these up to off-road par with more ground clearance, tires, lockers etc and you are pretty much into UTV territory.

    Old jeep????


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      If you should opt for the kubota diesel in the end, make sure you order it with a kidney belt! My friend has one for a 5 acre flower farm and it will rattle your teeth loose. His daughter launched out the front of it when she took off across a field and came to a really quick halt in a small drainage ditch. This one of his has the dump bed and he looks like a kid playing with it.
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