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Need some advice regarding an air compressor

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  • Need some advice regarding an air compressor

    I have the chance to purchase a used one for $50. Would like to know some of your thoughts

    W.R. Brown Super Sprayer 12-Gallon Air Compressor in great shape.

    Model LG 500, ½ hp, 2.2 cfm @ 40 psi, 75-100 psi max. just tuned it up and replace the drain valve. I will throw in two air hoses, and several filling accessories.

    I really want to use it for a small nailer/brad/stapler. Of course filling up tires. Maybe a small sprayer (dont know how small it would handle), maybe an air gun/ ratchet. Dont know if it would handle a sander...

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    A compressor of that size will power a brad nailer and air up tires, but that is about it. A paint gun? I don't think so. An air sander? Absolutely not! Read the CFM requirements on any tool you plan to use and that will give you the answer you look for. The 12 gal tank is just not enough capacity, but then again it is simply sized to go with the small


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      While some air compressors are selling new for not much over $100, one must question their quality and this machine looks quite good in the photo for $50.
      Some points to consider:
      Running - Does it sound 'good' and build up quickly to the cut-off pressure?
      Oil-less type? expect shorter life.
      Regulator? Does it have a good regulator? You will need for running a sprayer. I paid $40 for a good one if you have to add/replace.
      Capacity? Need to check your attachments to see if the capacity from this machine is sufficient.



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        My climb up the slippery slope of shop air took about 12 years. It began with a free ancient craftsman from a bicycle shop I used to work at. The tank pinholed shortly thereafter, and I cobbled up an old R22 tank with the rest of this one. I dug a bigger one out of a dumpster a couple years later. A car restoration lead to the purchase of a DeVilbiss 5hp 25 gallon oilless, which with regular repairs lasted a number of years and while barely able, did lots of die-grinding, sanding and painting. A failed biotech company gave up a 5hp 30 gallon oilless campbell hausfeld that lasted a couple years. I moved the DeVilbiss back to the garage from it's basement-compresser role, and got by with it while I searched for my compressed air final solution. It took over a year of trolling Craigslist, eBay, and various classifieds, but I now have a 60 gallon 5hp, 2 stage vertical Speedaire with the matching refrigerated air dryer. I have a huge bundle of copper tube, fittings and ball valves to plumb the airlines with. The whole mess cost about $650 vs. a new cost for all this stuff of about $2750, and it's all in really nice shape.

        My counsel is not to buy anything that you potentially would want a "better one of" just because this one happens to be a "good deal". It's likely a serviceable compressor, but if you ever decide to paint much, run a die grinder or a disc grinder, or a media blast cabinet, you'll be compressor shopping again in no time.

        I'd get it and start looking for a big one cheap. When it turns ups, sell the little one for what you bought it for....
        "Lay on ground-light fuse-get away"


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          $50?, about what a decent dinner out with the wife costs, it's worth that just to be able to inflate your tires.
          "four to tow, two to go"


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            I think you would be able to spray paint with this but then I am no expert I sprayed my workshop with just such a compressor over two days it worked fine I now have a larger devillbliss as well and a few smaller ones for air gun Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              This is a bit confusing. First sentence sounds like you are buying, next 2 sound like you are selling, next you are buying, again.

              Does this mean you are looking to buy?

              "W.R. Brown Super Sprayer 12-Gallon Air Compressor in great shape.

              Model LG 500, ½ hp, 2.2 cfm @ 40 psi, 75-100 psi max. just tuned it up and replace the drain valve. I will throw in two air hoses, and several filling accessories."

              That is HIS description?

              If W.R. Brown is still lookupable, see if they sold it as a 1 or 2 horsepower, also. That would indicate the pump could be driven by a bigger motor and at a higher poutput, with a larger drive pulley on the motor.

              Of course, that raises your buying price, unless you use it as is till you can afford to upgrade it.

              It will run a brad and staple gun fine. It will run an honest to god air nailer if you don't shoot too fast. They do use lots of air, but I have built partition walls with the 30 buck 2 gallon compressors. Die grinders will run for a while, stop to see what you have accomplished till it fills up again..

              Basically ANY compressor is better than NO compressor, even if all you do is blow up tires and the kids inflatables. As a grandpap, the kid's inflatables are more important than the tires.

              Buy it and use it and when you buy a better one, keep it or give it to a kid. I know my s'inlaw wishes his dad had left more of his tools to him than getting rid of them before he died. The money left to him meant less than having some more of his dad's tools.

              (Mine don't have to worry about that, their problem will be how the hell to get rid of the stuff I have accumulated. Gotta label so they don't sell 1000 buck tool for 20 bucks. Ah, well!)




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                I am sorry its confusing. I posted the exact add in the middle of the post with out clarification.

                Thanks for your replies. Should be picking it up Monday.