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cnc router plans?

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  • cnc router plans?

    Im looking for cnc router plans, anybody built or seen any good ones? ive done the usual search engine search, but im looking for some advice & experinces people have had with machines.

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    A good start.. controls...
    Qstep trial download.. a pretty good program to take dxf's and make gcode, then cut. $60 purchase is affordable. A pretty good site.

    I made a small machine from a cheap drill press and a X-Y table, I bored a xl gearbelt pulley and put it on the downfeed handle. Mounted the stepper on the top.. You could have about 200 in all new machine. NUTS and VOLTS magazine had a really similar machine in thier projects. (and it teaches the basics, teaches the controls, and will do light work)
    Controls are as simple as a 7400 nand chip and a tip120 transistor. Current limit is achieved through wire wound resistors.
    OR go with the gecko drives for more speed and current control, more real power, step down current while stopped.
    You can build a gantry machine with angle laid on back, running UHMW blocks in Vee. I was going to put steering rods in it also, but I felt my application was not needed.
    I made one machine with Electrical Power strut, put the stepper and gear sprockets on the slides and mounted the cut belt on both ends. (throttle springs one end) it would motor the whole shebang back and forth. You can cut UHMW plastic with wood working tools.

    With the ebay CNC older bridgeports going for a grand, and ball screws costing a grand new. Why not make a real machine if you have room.