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Need a BPT rotary table part...

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  • Need a BPT rotary table part...

    I have a Bridgeport 12 inch rotary with damage to the dial piece that goes against the vernier scale.
    Is it possible to purchase a replacement part, and if so where may I find it?

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    Try Joe at


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      Thanks Fasto, I will try them. The original is made of cast aluminum. The table was apparently dropped sometime and the dial bent. There is no straightening out cast aluminum. It is like a pot


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        If you have a heat treat oven, try hearing the bent piece to about 900f and let it cool in the oven. Often it will go back to the orginal cast shape. I don't know about pot metal but I have had good luck by heating al.
        Herm Williams


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          Thanks Herm,
          (1) it was bent pretty badly.
          (2) I tried to straighten it out and the piece just popped off.
          When it was bent, it made the piece more or less straight, so I put it on a 5 1/4 diameter mandrel and tapped it with a plastic dead blow hammer to put the curve back in it. Then mixed some slow dry epoxy and put it together.
          I am waiting for the glue to dry right now. Ha-Ha!
          I thought I may as well try that, had nothing to lose. This thing was made back before they had zip codes so finding a replacement dial is going to take some real


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            update for Fasto...

            Joe at Plaza sent me an email saying he thinks he has a really nice dial and will price it out.
            Thanks again for the lead. I thought I would not find one.
            I 'repaired' the broken dial this morning using epoxy, then faced it off in the lathe. It fits and works OK, but I sure look forward to getting that