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turning a half-round groove

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  • Thrud
    It would be easier to use bronze wheels to cut the groove into. Wear should not be a problem with thin walled brass tubing. Steel wheels would require a edmill type cutter. With a blank monted on a dividing head or vertical mounted rotary table you would feed the table into the wheel and then turn the table into the bottom of the center cutting endmill. Check the catalogs, you may be able to find a ready made endmill, but I doubt it.

    Garr carbide could hake you a nice endmill to do this.

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  • hornluv
    started a topic turning a half-round groove

    turning a half-round groove

    So I'm building a jig for bending some brass tubing with a .014" wall thickness. I need it to be absolutely without kinks or ellipticity and it needs to have a certain arc. What my plan is is to make two wheels each with a half-round groove that will roll around each other and support the tubing on all sides at the point of the bend. The tubing will be filled of course. The problem is that I need a 15/32" groove (the OD of the tube). There are inserts for 1/2" and 7/16" but no 15/32" I was thinking I could turn inserts out of drill rod, maybe get fancy and put a chip breaker in there, I don't know. That way I know that it would indeed be a half-round groove, but would the drill rod really cut the steel wheel? The wheels need to be steel because I'll be using this jig a lot. What do you all think of the home made insert idea?