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  • lending library?

    In reading the post about manuals and the high cost of copies,it made me wonder if anyone needed a copy of a manual that I got in an auction lot. It's for a Delta Verticle Milling Machine, PM-450-01-651-5001. It is dated 4/1/63, has a copyright and is 17 pages long. It's rather like the Bridgeport manual but of course it's specific to the delta machine.
    I'll be glad to give this to anyone that wants it, as long as they agree to make copies for anyone else who needs one.

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    How about if I scan all the old manuals and post it on the web so that everyone can get it for FREE whenever they wish! Unless the cost of the web hosting gets prohibitive, I'm willing to do this out of my own pocket. Would this be something that you guys would find useful?

    Needless to say, if anyone who owns the copyright complains, I will promptly remove it from the web but otherwise I would consider it a community service for all the HSM.


    P.S. I have no hidden agenda here. I just want to make this hobby a more enjoyable one, and perhaps stop some of the extortion that's going around.

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      Albert, Much as I fully agree with what you say there could be a problem here.
      I have two CD's at present, one on the Bridgeport and one on Tool and Cutter grinders.
      A few on this list have already bought copies from me. I charge a nominal fee just for time and postage. The problem is both these Cd's are full or between 600 and 750 meg to get good copies.
      Not many would be able to download files this size.
      Going smaller looses clarity.
      I feel a nominal sum would be a good idea. For one it stops people collecting for collectings sake.
      Geoff Errol has done the same with a shaper CD. He charges again a nominal sum for what can be a lengthy process.

      By all means set up a site with links to people who have already done a manual and lets take it from there.
      For or against?
      Idea's ?

      John S.

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        I would like a copy from you, but the postage would be a whole lot, because I am in the 'States at the moment and your in England.



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          Scanning and converting to pdf files can save a lot of space. Of course, getting a copy of Adobe won't be cheap. It will make the files easier to download, save or print. Just about everyone has a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If not, it's free to download. Many of the online catalogs are pdf format. I've gotten owner manuals from the manufacturers of various tools I have and they were pdf files. (HF, Grizzly, Hobart, Centry and many others) A 24 page manual is about 800Kb or so. You could get over 800 copies on one CD.


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            How about some corner of the Forum, dedicated to this? A sort of board where wanted / offered manuals could be listed. It would save the trouble of enormous downloads, except on a one-to-one, as-needed basis between the two parties. Any monetary agreements could thusly also be arranged off the board.

            Hmmm...Neil, could you arrange a sort of permanent thread at the top of the Networking Forum for this?

            Seems easiest, since many of us probably have info, but are unsure if anyone wants it / need info but are unsure if anyone has it.