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    Can somebody here walk me thru eBAY basics? Do I need to be registered with them? Is there a fee to join them? Is everything on an auction basis? Does anybody get less than what they wanted ---selling items? What is the quality of stuff or does it vary? Yes, it is true I don't get out much. Thanks.


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    Yes, you have to sign up to buy.
    It is easy and costs you nothing.
    It is like a long distance flea market. You take your chances with the quality, and useability of the stuff.
    For large items (machinery) the seller will usually arrange for you to go see it.
    I don't bid more than I can afford and try to keep in mind the new price of the item.
    Many people bid at the last minute. If you really want something you need to be there when it closes out.
    I have purchased many small items for my shop and small artillery pcs.
    I have been happy with all my purchases.
    I only buy from sellers with good sales records. You can check a sellers feedback from other purchasers.
    happy bidding


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      Daubie,we've sold a lot of books on Ebay and have had very good luck each time! No bad experiences and have met lots of nice folks!It costs a very small fee to list something and fees are tacked on for every extra gimcrack and option. Ebay gets a small percentage of every sale based on the selling price.If an item doesn't sell,you're only out the listing fee.You usually can relist it for nothing and if it sells,then you owe the percentage of the sale. I sent Ebay a check at the end of the month. I had no problems with buyers paying me,you can list how you wish to be paid. I first chose Money Orders and later took checks. I've bought quite a few small items such as tooling,books,walkie talkies,etc. and have been well pleased.Just understand that most folks are very honest but we also read about the small percentage that have never been bothered by a consience. My wife packaged things so that they would survive a hurricane or the Post Office. When selling,a photo is great!!! Unfortunatly,my digital camera and this computer have never been bred. Good Luck!! By the way,the buyers always paid the shipping charges and we;ed send the items anyway they requested.


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        If you are concerned about the amount you will get for an item, you may set a reserve price. You do not have to sell below that price, but e-bay charges you for this service. You may also set a "Buy it now" price. This is the amount that you desire. Either way you may have bids below what you have set. I do not believe there is an extra charge for "Buy it now," but am not sure. I've bought and sold and had very good luck.