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Lawn tractor front blade (It's Evans fault!!)

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  • Lawn tractor front blade (It's Evans fault!!)

    Evans pix of his snow blade for his lawn tractor recently was the final 'boot in the butt' to get me going on one for my ancient Wheel Horse tractor, ... cept NOT for snow--whats 'snow' anyhow?

    I have gazillions of pine trees --- and a lot of hardwood ---the straw is a real pain to get off the ground and get rid of, so I got one of those vacuum trailers ("Cyclone Rake") that attach to your lawn tractor ("Yardman") and it does a great job and holds a LOT OF straw/leaves. I have 5 acres to dump on .... but!, it leaves a large hump at every dump and with 30 something dumps in a season-----well, I needed to knock those 'humps' down, what with a new needle/leaf falling season coming up.

    Having an old left over rear blade from a long-ago Sears tractor, I figured it oughta adapt to the old workhorse Wheel Horse. The Horse has full hydraulics and since I rarely use the mower deck, I wanted to make that lift cylinder work the blade....and this is what I ended up with----

    This is what I started out with propped up to get some rough measurements and an idea if everything would fit... had already seen the need for the angle weld-up to use as a filler to make the blade be at the proper angle----

    This is coming off the deck lift point with a piece of 1 1/4" box that was in the scrap pile, to run to the pivot I rigged into the existing connecting point for the deck pulley turn point----

    This is the mounting I arrived at to get the whole mess connected and able to raise and lower the blade...the other end of the 1 1/4" box is connected here. -------I know, I know---the welding aint too purty!!

    And here it is in the raised position. Went down back and knocked down a few of the 'humps' of pine straw and am well pleased with the results. Will try and get some paint on it in the next few days.
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    Nice job Bill, I think I need one here in Alabama I hate pine straw..


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      And you kept telling me you could not get motivated.I new this cool weather was good for something.
      Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self


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        I live in Walla Walla Washington, last year we did not get any snow that stuck at all. we did get fog thats settles and freezes and frost things over and we had 1/4" of frozen fog in a month.

        I would love to see 2 feet of snow, I could go play with the kid and have some fun.

        As things are now the snow shovel does not do any work at all. the dry winters are hell.


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          Mike, you need to be Very carefull in what you wish for! I lived in Idaho for 60 years and put up with 3 to 5 foot of snow every winter. You really don't want 2 feet of snow.

          I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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            LOL...Snow? That's why I moved to South Texas. When I lived in the Ohio "Snow Belt" we averaged 120" a year.

            Now, I just move dirt. Seems like from the bottom land back up to the top. Folks won't like it if I post the home built tractor pics again but if you search the threads for "Kenbota", you should find it.