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    A while back I had found some good freeware that would convert a scan of a drawing to vector so that one could make a nice editable cad file out of it.

    Similar to other lessons learned in life, if you dont use them every once in a while, you forget. And I did.

    I cant seem to find the file, remember the name or find any notes on how to use it. Makes me wonder if I even had it in the first place! Getting old sucks.

    Now, here I am asking for suggestions of software. I know that many of the cnc programs come with something built in but I am looking for a stand alone package.

    So, what do you use currently? Freeware, nagware or bankruptcyware?

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    I suppose there are other programs out there but the only one I know about that converts bitmap images to vector entities is a program that is now incorporated into Adobe Illustrator. In the past it was a stand alone program called Adobe Streamline.

    The problems I have found with it is that EVERYTHING is turned into P-lines so drawing files are huge and not very accurate. It was often easier to just import that image into Autocad and then draw over that image using the ordinary commands and "common" sense for the dimensions. That way I had accurate offsets, circles, arcs, parallel lines, etc.
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      look here

      also here
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      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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        Thanks. Looks like a good starting place.
        Just back from the eye doctor. Now, as soon as my eyes stop dilation, I can get to looking around.

        Funny, my old eye doc would work till 6 or 7 depending. He was into astoronomy and would always give me the latest appointment. He also used some drops that lasted a bit longer than the "new" drops.

        So, I would set up the appt. at the last possible time in his day and then we would run up to the dark sky observing area. And if you schedule your appt near winter solstice, then it all the better. More dark and earlier.

        Well, now he is gone and I have this young girl that only wants appts before 2:00 in the afternoon. If she wernt so cute, I be somewhere different already. I got to find a different doc sometime.

        Anyhow, thanks and Cheers!
        Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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          Used to be you could get a second hand version of Corel Draw that had that ability. Pretty cheap, too. Haven't looked recently, but I think I paid $30.00 for a fully licensed copy that was back-rev'd maybe two versions. Check Ebay.


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            Try a piece of freeware called Inkscape.
            It was well recomended by the V Carve people before they bundled a good R to V program inside V Carve.


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              Here's a free one:
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