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  • photocopied lathe manual

    I have been offered a photocopied lathe manual for my new lathe from tony's lathes etc it is one hundred A4 size pages he wants آ£45.00 for it here is his add
    MS75 Smart & Brown 1024 Toolroom lathe MK. 2 (with variable-speed drive) . Operating & Maintenance Instructions and Spare Parts as Detailed Cross-sectional Drawings آ£45 US$72
    is this reasonable I think its too much am I being mean or is he being reasonable or is he being greedy I don't mind paying for a photocopy but this is over the top as I see it perhaps I'm wrong I would like your views please.Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Unless he's oblidged to offer a good percentage of that to the manufacturer or who ever owns the copyright, it would definitely say it's highway robbery. You see this on the e-bay all the time with old electronic instruments. They scan it and put it on a CD which costs even less than photcopying. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil. Erggg...



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      Business is business, but some business is bulls**t. If I had one for you, it'd be free.


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        See if you can track one down through the book dealers first - I am sure if you can find a NOS manual for less. Have you checked to see if the Mfg is still in business? (I do not know if they are). Maybe G & M might be able to help.


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          It's the old "I have it, you don't, I get to set the price" deal.

          That place (not sure of URL) is worse, they would get you for $200 US for each section.


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            I don't know if could understand my drawl but I was polite when I told him I'd think about it(what I was thinking wasn't so nice!).I guess it is a lot of trouble to gather up those manuals but $200.00 for photocopies is way unreasonable.That would be my last resort if I was at a complete loss to fix something.Some years back I took in a Studebaker engine in a sack to put back together.One or two parts were unfamilar so I bought a service manual and parts book that were reprints not copies.They ran about $100.00 but I felt they were worth it for the quality and amount of info in them.


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              If you can live without the manual, thgen $72.00 is too much. If you must have it NOW, then its reasonable.

              I am still trying to find a manual for my Troglia lathe for less than $200.00
              I have only found one other guy that has one.
              He doesn't have a manual either and wont pay $4.00 per page either.

              When I objected to the price for photocopying the manual I was basically politely told, you need it and we have it, if the machine is valuable and you need to maintain it you will pay.
              I paid less for the lathe so I didn't order the manual
              I'm trying to find others who have the same machine, to chip in and then copy.

              Unless the lathe is extremely complicated, you should be able to get by without a manual.


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                That manual/brochure outfit wanted 75 bucks for a photocopied sales brochure of the Boyar-Schultz profile grinder I have.
                Got into the shop this morning and in the fax machine was 7 pages from Whitney. Now I have a copy of the manual and parts lists.
                A great big thank you to Whitney for providing customer service like or even better than it should be done.


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                  After I ebay purchased a copy for a antique lathe which I gave away, I found the information free to all on the internet. Same book, no cost. This was a craftsman lathe from the 40's.
                  Information has the most profit margin of anything people sell on ebay. usually they don't even have it in paper form, just email and cash the checks.
                  I just wish I had something to sell on there.


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                    Ibew you could sell all the sado masochism equipment you buid and perhaps as an extra incentive throw in the rubber mask the one with the big nose sorry Ibew pal I couldn't resist that, next time you come over I will take you to my little bakery and give you some hot cookies ,Alistair
                    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                      Time is the problem scanning or photocopying.
                      It's a real time consumng operation but I must admit the prices are very high.
                      The answer lies with us, the users. It's up to us to make available at reasonable cost whatever we can get.
                      I collect old engineering books and sometimes get old manuals. I will never part with any but will copy them and pass them on.

                      I try to scan them and write them to CD. This way you get far better quality than photocopying.

                      At the moment I have a lot of Bridgeport info on CD, about 5 tool and cutter grinders all on one CD and I'm in the process of doing one on various dividing heads.

                      Before someone starts on about copywrite this isn't done for profit, only costs and if you don't want to tread into grey area's then fine, move onto the next post.
                      If the copywrite on a handbook for a 30 year old defunct machine is the issue write to them and force them to reprint it, that's my take.

                      The idea of this hobby is to help others.

                      John S.

                      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                        Oso, the reverse side of that coin is, "I have the machine; all you have is a worthless stack of paper. I get to set the price."

                        On a happier note, thanks again to the guy at Koepfer who dug through workshop, offices, drawers and archives to find schematics, brochures, parts lists, accessories, full-size cutaways and specification for my 1960's gear hobber, and bound it in a binder and UPS'd it to me. Free of charge.
                        If anyone EVER buys a Koepfer 110, let me know; it'd be an honor to pass on good vibe.

                        Anyway Alistair, keep poking around the forums and user groups. Someone is bound to have one, someplace.


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                          You aren't paying for photocopied paper or CD plastic. You are paying for Tony being there and haveing it when you need it. The paper is free and the CD nearly so.

                          By that logic, a Windows ME should be about 2.50 - or the materials. Not the 200 I paid. My teeth hurt on that one.

                          If you really want to determine if high or not, then ask if the vendor is living the glorious lifestyle or not. M$ is. I doubt Tony brings in the 7 figures.

                          -- jr


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                            Its not a question of Tony turning out one when he needs it i e standing for ages at a photocopier etc he probably has these all stored ready to print of at the flick of a switch it is also my understanding he gets a number of these manuals or copies of manuals from other people and then goes on to copy them onto his computer and return them to the original owners and then sell on them to you or I.Who is the rightful owner is a good question it is one thing as John says to copy for a favour its quite another to do so as a business in any case this is not the point I would not object to buying a copy from him even bearing all this in mind, it's just I feel he is asking far too much. Half the price he is asking would be expensive thats my opinion sorry that's how I feel . Alistair
                            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                              I have just found Smart and brown limited they operate under Bracehand limited they have a brand new book particualrly for this model which also incorporates the old model for thirty punds inc postage.regards Alistair ps neeedless to say the cheque is in the post
                              Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease