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need Acu-rite III DRO manual

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  • need Acu-rite III DRO manual

    Need to find a manual for an Acu-rite III DRO. It seems that the Acu-rite website is down. Are there any alternate places to find one?

    My old Acu-count readout cuts out at critical times and a friend has a "III" for sale. The III has a keyboard that includes the normal numbers and the words incr, abs, auto enable, preset and inch and metric. On the back it says diameter or radius, which I think is for lathes. This one will go on my BP mill.

    Will this do bolt circles? Thanks--Mike.

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    THe Acu-rite website is working again and the download worked out well. They had the exact one I wanted. No, it doesn't do bolt circles, but it works well.