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Import carbide-grinder owners, lend me your rule!

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  • Import carbide-grinder owners, lend me your rule!

    To anyone that has a moment, and one of those Harbor Freight carbide-grinder clones, I'm in need of some base dimensions.

    I plan on picking one up between now and Christmas, but I have the stands under way right now- I made one for my drill grinder, and while I have the cardboard templates and measurements all laid out already, I'm making two more, one for a regular bench grinder, and one for the hoped-for and badly-needed carbide grinder.

    So if you could, I need the base size (length/width, and corner radius if you can) and bolt pattern (spacing and hole size).

    Thank you and muchly appreciated.

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)

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    The base width on my HF grinder is about 8.1ish wide x 8.6ish deep (cast and not very square or repeating corner radius). The hole spacing varies by 2 mm so I just transfered the holes to the 3/8 x 8" x 9" plate that I'm bolting it to. It appears that the mounting holes are located by eye on mine. I'm using 1/4 -20 screws. I would be willing to bet the only standard hole spacing on these machines is a non standard hole spacing.


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      Well, I sure wouldn't count on any two of the grinders to be all that much the same.
      That being said, my magnificent example measures out at:
      8 1/16" wide, 8 5/8" deep, with a 3/8" radius on the corners.
      Bolt centers (and I sure wouldn't count on this one): 7 1/8" on the width and 7 5/8" front to back.
      Location: North Central Texas


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        Base 8 ½ “ deep. 8 “ wide
        Holes 7 ¾ “ deep 7 1/8 “ wide

        Height of base from under screw head 1“
        I have ¼ screws holding it down. I can’t measure the holes unless I take a screw out. But I don’t think it is larger. The whole thing is metric


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          Just for fun I took the average hole spacing and it is 7.20x 7.63.


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            Thanks guys. I can at least make the top plate and finish/paint the stand, then just drill and tap the holes once I have the grinder.

            Just out of curiosity, anyone know how close in size and bolt pattern the clone is to the real Baldor? (Saw one as I was looking through my Airgas catalog- $900!!!)

            Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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              Carbide Grinder owners

              In the YahooGroups Quorn-Owners and ToolGrinding forums, there has been a lot of correspondence lately. If cost is important, one design to fit a cheap imported DE grinder has been discussed.

              As the machine which Doc mentioned is not available in the UK, I feel that this
              is worth a mention.