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Smallest machines I have ever seen

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  • Smallest machines I have ever seen

    what do you make of this guy pretty good eh Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    I could use a couple of those for some small projects I have.
    Way to much time on his hands but the quality shows.
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      Barry Jordan was at the NAMES show a few weeks ago. Very interesting person, and beautiful work.
      His were not the only miniature machine tools there. Several others, and many other beautiful models of every type.
      I was most impressed by Ron Colonna's Wizzer Motorbike. About 6-8" high, fully functional down to the kickstand. Scratchbuilt. His Offenhauser engine is a beauty too.
      Makes you humble.
      Jim H.


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        Barry Jordan's projects really are beautiful, he truly is a master craftsman.He needs to build a shaper now to complete his shop.
        Jerry Kieffer is another miniature builder that does incredible work. Some of his pojects are featured in Joe Martin's book Tabletop Machining.

        Yes, humble is the word.



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            This man's work may well go down in history. I remember on the antiques road show seeing a diorama of a very old workshop with lathe workbench old bench vice and drillpress etc etc it was absolutely something I would loved to have owned, much smaller than barries but wonderful.
            I am fascinated by these things and love looking at them in Glasgow we have a very wonderful transport museum, free entry to all, the section on model boats boats is full of the most wonderful made ships many of them designed and built in Glasgowof (for shich it is famaous and trains ) these were magnificent much better tham any other home made models I have ever seeen. When my father in law was a live ( God bless him) we used to often go, and look, at them and drool at the exquisite detail and wonder at the craftsmanship of the old boys long gone Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              PM Research sells a bunch of casting kits for miniature machine tools as well as the steam engine and boiler kits to construct your own doll-house size, turn-of-the-century (the previous one) machine shop.




              Mike, near Chicago
              Mike Henry near Chicago


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                The bridgebort can actually machine stuff. Beautiful work, indeed.

                There are a number of truly anal (Extreme attention to detail) model builders in the UK and they have produced outstanding museum qaulity pieces including the 80 year old lady that researches and reproduces 10,000 hr. models. I tip my hat to their patience and skill...


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                  The amazing thing about Barry Jordan is that he turns this work out in the time it takes me to find the material to start my projects!

                  He built a Dean Smith & Grace lathe at 1:14 scale in about 3 months, and he machines everything from billet - no castings in his models! Note the scale he uses as well - everything to make the transition just that bit more difficult!

                  I did hear that DS&G wanted to purchase the lathe from him as a PR showpiece for their headquarters - the offer was i.t.r.o آ£25k but he refused.



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                    There's a great miniature machine tool collection at the American Precision Museum in Windsor Vermont. Click the link, then click "Exhibitions", then scroll down to the middle of the page to the heading "Aschauer Miniature Machine Tool Collection". The collection exhibits the results of 40,000 hours of work by Mr. Aschauer. Incredible!

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