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    I have restored a Delta/Rockwell 6x12 surface grinder, and only need to replace the screw covers before reassembly. These covers can best be described as having an expansion spring covered with vinyl. I need 3, about 7-10" long, and about 1 1/4"id (od is about 1/4" larger. MSC doesn't have this type, I called them. They are held in place by expansion tension, not collars like much of what is currently available.

    Anyone faced and solved this problem? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Theres lots of different kinds but I think the sealed bellow type is the best around a grinder.

    Here's a link:

    Look in Thomans Register under "bellows screw cover".


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      Thanks for the reply, but I've been there. By the way, this company is a division of A & A Mfg, which is MSC's bellows supplier (per my conversation with them today).

      I need a type that is held in place by expansion lengthwise. Most of the bellows you see listed are designed to contract.



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        Hummmmmmm.... 1 1/4 held by expansion? .... Sounds like vacuum cleaner hose time. Just don't let the wife catch you cutting it!


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          As Forrest said, search

          or its Flobal counterpart

          You may not be able to get want you want, and often what you want is not what you get.

          Life would be simpler if you were a squirrel, but then you may not be pleased with the nuts God gave you either.


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            Thanks guys, I'll keep looking. I have used a vacuum hose for the easiest one to deal with, now just 3 left. Looks like I will have to make some collars that grab the screws, then I can attach the bellows to the collars.

            Here I thought the the hard part of resurecting an old machine would be making new shafts, getting bearings, etc. O well ...



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              The million details in machine tool re-conditioning is like the death of a thousand cuts.

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                Forrest Addy:
                "The million details in machine tool re-conditioning is like the death of a thousand cuts."

                But the results are often worth the loss of hair...

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                  Just a follow-up with my solution for anyone else who may encounter this problem. I picked up 2 pair of motorcycle fork boots yesterday (at a British bike show), 1 pair for a Norton and the other for a Triumph, $30 for both pair. Anyhow they are very close to the 1 3/4" od lock nuts/rings (or what ever they are called) that MSC carries.