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OT. XP versus Vista

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  • OT. XP versus Vista

    I am a retired Machine tool Mechanical Engineer, OK now I am about to get a new computer to replace my old Windows ME one.
    Looking for pros and cons on XP versus Vista operating system??????

    All advice greatly appreciated.


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    Dual boot windows XP pro and Linux is the way to go.

    My stepson has a new laptop with vista and I saw the blue screen of death on it more times in one day than I had seen in years.
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      Vista sucks in one respect,very little software is truly compatible with it,especially drivers for hardware such as printers and disc burners.Everything had to be downloaded off the various vendors websites.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Based on what I've read, if I were getting one I'd make every effort to get XP in preference to Vista.

        XP, bloated as it is, isn't as bad as Vista.
        XP isn't quite as bad as Vista in assuming it knows what you really want to do even though you think otherwise.

        And Weirdscience brings up a good point: apparently Vista is about "99% compatible." Unfortunately, that 1% is more than enough to keep many old programs from running.
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          I recently lost my computer to a lightning strike. I did not want to get one with Vista, I have heard too many bad things about it.

          I bought a used computer from surplus.pcs it was a Dell Precision 360 P4 2.8 GHz 1GB 120GB CDRW DVD XP Pro . one is on ebay right now for $147 with 45 minutes to go, I paid $334 for mine including shipping. What I liked was it came with XP Pro already loaded, and I had a friend with a company that had a site license I could get a copy of his Microsoft software (Word, Excell, ect) for free. This set me up just fine.



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            Originally posted by tattoomike68
            Dual boot windows XP pro and Linux is the way to go.
            I'll second that.

            I was perfectly happy with XP ...... until I found out that my honest copy was good for only one install on one machine. Vista has the same limitation. Screw that.

            I've heard that the "corporate" version of XP pro can be reinstalled multiple times, so that would be the way to go, if I were to do it over agin.

            But now I'm dual booting Ubuntu Linux & XP (XP hacked to get around the activation issue). I'm using Linux as much as I can, preparing myself for the day when I can tell Bill Gates to stick it.

            Ubuntu is not quite ready to replace Windows, but it's getting there.


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              If you follow Leo Laporte's various podcasts, you know that just about every computer expert out there is saying "Stick with XP." There is a lot of unecessary junk stuffed into Vista which the average user will not only find annoying, but will prevent your system from performing. Reaction to Vista has been so bad that Mackrelslurp has extended the availability of XP to the middle of next year. If you call Dell, you can buy a new PC with XP installed, instead of Vista.

              If you're going to go with Linux, then Ubuntu (or Kubuntu, which is the same thing, but looks more like Windows) is the way to go. They've worked very hard to make it as easy to use as Windows, and in many cases, it's even easier to use than Windows (Want to download some software? Instead of having to find the website for the software, clicking on the link to download it, and then installing it, in Ubuntu, you just launch Adept, type in the name or type of program you want, pick the necessary files from the list and it'll download and install them automatically.), and if you install WINE, you'll be able to run many of your Windows programs on your Linux PC.

              It's too bad more machining related programs aren't ported to Macs as Apple does build some seriously good machines and OSX, like Linux, is more stable, more secure, and more immune to spyware and viruses than Windows could ever hope to be.

              I've gradually been shifting away from Mackrelslurp products for about 5 years now, and the only reason I still use any of their stuff at all is because there's just a handful of programs that I need that have never been ported to either OSX or Linux.