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Intermittant keyboard fault

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  • Intermittant keyboard fault

    Every so often when I'm typi

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    Kinked cable, dodgy USB, flat battery if wireless, worn out.....?

    Does the problem persist if you change keyboards or can you transfer the defect to another computer with the same keyboard?d

    You've tried all this already or you're on a laptop so none is relevant.



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      try operating the key board before you drink 12 pints of bitter.


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        Dick, you probably didn't have your coffee yet this morning -- John's being funny.
        "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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          Bad power supply (plasma cutter)... chips in the keys (my bridgy cnc).. Spilled coffee in keyboard *(my programmer computer). Wireless keyboard (batteries are dead) *Carrols Computer.. lemme see.. that is about all the POC computers around here.

          Keyboard condoms (*I forget where they come from).. I have a membrane keyboard for the cnc but it does not have a number pad.. I like the number pad, I am a ten keyer from hell. I can make typos much faster with a ten key pad than the TOP LINE numbers. Most the time, a number pad with a few Gspot keys would work. Last pendant I made weighed five pounds and was stainless with a joystick and screen control buttons.

          OW yeah, it is the LIMEY LUCAS function working there.. "LUCAS GOD OF DARKNESS" . WHOO HOO.. pass the hot wires over the the brit rider so he can charge his battery so we don't have to stop again. Ever seen a lad running side by side on bikes with wires between then? yep.. that was us'n's.... Them bikes are easier to push thou.. I pushed this harley across Monteagle mountain.. you get behind them put your foot on their peg, grab their sissy bar, let them grab your fork or your h-bar, locked together in a temporary 4 wheeler they let out the clutch and soon you are riding one old hog pushing another.. TILL YOU GET 50 and can hardly walk on your knees.. You pushed them out.
          Excuse me, I farted.


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            Hush yo mouth boy! Let's have a little respect here.

            Joseph E Lucas invented the short circuit.
            Just got my head together
            now my body's falling apart


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              J hn I t ld y u n t t buy th se d dgy keyb ards with the letter missing Alistair
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              Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                I konw jsut waht you maen, my kyeborad has a smlaiir polberm. Howveer,siitetncss at Cmridbage Usivriteny hvae devriseocd taht the hamun brian is so pweorful it can eevn dedoce wdors taht hvae vwleos minssig and are speelld irlrntoeccy. Fnckuig amznaig eh?